Don’t you just love ads that aims to bring on more laughter and less of the hard selling product driving mundane? BBDO, USA did these commercials for Snickers for their bite sized Snickers. The idea was simple. Basically, it is the why-didn’t-I-think-of-it formula, leading to a retrospective from the past. We see possible causes to why a simple idea like this wasn’t implemented. Both commercials illustrates hilarious outcomes as to why this had happen. Check them out. These days, fun-vertising simply garner a lot more attention than traditional advertising – great copy with nice visuals.

Simpsons Russian Art

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I love the Simpsons. They are fantastic. Love the way they behave and the kind of crude jokes coming from the american society. Now we have all that fused into classic Russian art. Interestingly, it can turn out to be pretty amusing yet fascinating. Students from Moscow-based art school, British Higher School of Art and Design created a collection of art pieces resembling classic Russian artwork featuring characters from the Simpsons. I love how they use the art to create humor and get people noticing the idea behind the image a little more as they relate the cast and their personalities with the art itself.

You like to bet?

Check out these 2 commercials. They ride on the idea of “You like to bet?” and let their creativity run wild by simply creating ideas that inject not only humor but also brings on a very direct relation to humans’ urge to sometimes test the system as they bet. So if your into betting, why not just do it the legal way.

Wieden+Kennedy has once again created a series of really amazing commercials for deodorant brand, Old Spice. I wont be surprised to see humor and great amusement when I see their work. This time round, they had new faces from America’s NFL League as casts for their ads. With the idea and message of ‘Unnecessary Freshness’, they manage to pull off a series of rather odd and funny situations with the stars somewhat fantasizing themselves in. Really funny and zany.

Dick Fowler is the law

Still remember my last post on Farmer’s Insurance? Their slapstick humor ads are really starting to crack me up! They talked about how you should really use their insurance company and get your interest protected. This time round, they created this really awesome character, Dick Fowler, P.I.  The funny dude basically goes around punishing inconsiderate golfers. We see how he dishes out punishment for justice. Very crude, very funny. See more here:


The protein fight club

Milk ads could be rather mundane if there isn’t a certain amount of humor or creativity injected into it. Advertising Agency: Deutsch, New York, USA, came out with a series of amusing commercials for Milk. The ‘Protein Fight Club’ basically aims to tell the audience that in most scenarios the food we eat aren’t really providing us the optimal amount of protein that we think it should be. In all the 3 videos, we see how milk basically champions the comparisons with ease. I love how they make the unhealthy food suffer and bringing across the message that we shouldn’t be expecting protein from junk food. Amusing and entertaining.

Smart phone please. Not smart man.

Smartphones are supposed to give you information that is deemed relevant to you. There are times when it gets infuriating especially when you need ready information and it is not available. There are also times when it just can’t seem to understand what you need or where you want to go to. Now, if that were to be your private assistant in reality, you would have fired this person. An amusing way of showing how a smartphone can be just as annoying if it was a human. These commercials by advertising Agency: Rothco, Dublin, Ireland for Meteor encourages people to change to a REAL smart phone using a fun and amusing approach. Check out the commercials.

Singing is not for everyone

We have yet another funny commercial from Footlocker in collaboration with BBDO New York. This time featuring NBA players James Harden and Stephen Curry. It starts off with Stephen storming into the recording studio stopping Harden from continuing his music recording session. Harden wishes to progress his career more by developing his music talent. His concept of staying “Fresh” while being ahead in his career, was busted with Curry advising him to go get that freshness at Footlocker. A nice way to put across the brand message from an in-story script approach where we see a nice honest scene between two friends here. Thanks to Curry, Harden realizes his crappy recording after a play back. Interesting yet amusing approach to make celebrity endorsements less mundane.

Be smart be funny

Don’t you just love crazy absurd ads that’s downright funny and shouts the message right in the face? Well Farmers insurance just launched a series of really funny ads. These amusing ads always ends with that funny voice effect and features rather odd scenarios for the weirdest possible disaster to happen. Check them out.