AirBnb Oslo Holmenkollen Ski design

Building extremely immersive brand experiences is the result of a combination between fusing the right physical and emotional elements. Take a look at Airbnb’s most recent work with interior professionals Melissa Hegge and Nina Holst, as they attempt to transform Oslo’s Holmenkollen Ski Jump to include a snazzy looking penthouse. The design direction takes inspiration from Nordic designs and incorporates a very exclusive rooftop terrace. The facade has a rather organic shape, leaving a very arresting impression under the light blue sky backdrop. With accommodations at a staggering 200 feet off ground, the layers of glass offers breathtaking view of the city. What a fantastic way to live! Check out these images of the beautiful interiors. Truly a work of art.

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LÖNE Singleton ?

If you haven’t seen some of the initiatives that IKEA has done, then you are losing out on tons of great creative work. As a matter of fact, IKEA is one of the few companies that have rolled out amazing work over the last couple of months. I think the recent one by IKEA Malaysia is quite interesting. Teasing their audience, IKEA Malaysia came up with the “LÖNE Singleton Dining Table”. A dining table mounted with perpendicular mirror where one can glaze at their own reflection as they eat. What a great way to inject some humor into their furniture. Again, this could just be another April Fool’s joke.

Unique is the key

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I actually saw a design that is similar to this product designed by Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Lev but wasn’t really able to recall where I saw it though. Which reminds me, this design is actually pretty interesting and one which I think is quite unique and handy too. A nice art piece as well as a nice TV stand with great mobility. Well, it does have wheels and a stand right? I believe this design was posted quite a while ago but still looking fresh even now as we see it. Cool stuffs.

Pop up furnitures

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Chanced upon this beautiful Direct Mailer from Behance here. I would say this dm really reminds me of the nice old pop up books I used to browse during my school days. What comes about as a strong design is the fact that the dm is slotted in conveniently beneath the door which conveys the message that Ikea furnitures can be transported and assembled easily. Nice and cute dm.

More space more fun

When it comes to furnitures, space has always been a constrain for most people. IKEA recently launched some really interesting work that creatively illustrate how you could bring more space to your home through the use of IKEA home furnitures. “One Room Paradise”, is a short TV commercial that would bring forth this point. They adopted a rather cute and interesting approach to convey this messaging with the use of dolls. The story revolves around a little girl playing with her toy house. The camera pans into the toy house and we see the dolls come to life. It effectively portrays the life of a doll and her son making out the best of their space in that small confined toy house set. Unusual yet appealing.