The future the way we want it

I have my fair share of appreciation for such videos which portray technology and its benefits. As much as I like how Fisher Price is embracing this full fledge, there is a chasm we need to bridge when we show ‘the future’ to ‘the present’. Before we embark on this fantasy ride, there are several factors we need to work out. The logic is simple: how then could technology helped us to improve our lives? heck, even to help us complete our parenting roles? This video illustrates engaging graphics coming to life and interacting with both parents and child. We also see how the alarm clock snoozing came into effect with just a simple hand gesture. While working out some concepts for my clients before, I remembered a particular case where I had to provide directions for a rather futuristic video. I cringed at the fact that people are dashing into this whole technology craze. But as I soon realised, there is an emerging need for brands to be seen as forward thinking. Innovative. Rather, LOOKING innovative. It well positions them as leaders in their field, giving them an added edge against their competitors. Branding and marketing has become significantly crucial as we progress into a tech-civilisation. I still appreciate what Fisher-Price had done here. Its just that sometimes its all about the goal rather than the objective isn’t it?

The future has come back

Do you hate what your doing and how things are moving along for you? Johnnie Walker recently had a campaign with the message: “From the Future”. We see a number of people feeling frustrated at work, disappointed and disheartened about their lives. The voiceover in the commercial narrates their situation and probes the audience if they felt the same. He then tells you that you would be different and that he cannot change you for who you are now because the voice you are hearing right now is actually yours. There seems to be a continuation and I would like to see the outcome of this campaign. This is creative work from the famous ad agency, BBH, UK, for Johnnie Walker.