Minority Report

Yeah! Things you see on the silver screen is coming to live. A nice article I spotted from DigitalTrends featured this brilliant technology that allows us to control images through hologram technology. Known as the Leia Display System, this gadget is able to project visuals into the space while at the same time giving the user absolute control over these visual elements via hand gestures. So now they have cracked the impossible- a device emitting water vapor, creating a ‘wall’ that allows the projector’s beam to be shine on. Together with some motion detectors, it allows the system to read the user’s instructions. Be it the grab, pinch, swipe, rotate functions, all of the actions are easily available. Awesome innovation.


Every morning on my way to work, there would be this part of the journey where the jam would hog up a significant portion of my morning routine. What do I do? I would instinctively turn up the volume and start tapping on my steering wheel, beating away with the rhythmic stereos. This new invention has unprecedentedly caught my attention as I browse through Mashable’s articles today. The device actually allows you to generate music by tapping like what I did. So now, my daily routine has just made me a musician. Neat isn’t it? The device allows users to place a sensor which apparently looks like a circular round detector, on any surface to detect vibrations, forming nice rhythmic tunes. Exciting stuff in my opinion. Of course, you can then plug this device into your mobile headphone jack and enjoy the music you created. Mogees, as the device is called, is created by Bruno Zamborlin, a British musician with dance group Plaid. Check out more of their stuffs from the video and from Mashable’s article here.

– from Mashable –
“I have done several workshops in primary schools in the UK, using Mogees to teach key aspects of sound and music in the national curriculum, and the results have been terrific,” Zamborlin told Mashable. “Kids really learned concepts about vibrations and acoustic properties of materials in a brand new, interactive and natural way. Mogees is not just an instrument for musicians — it’s a tool for music discovery that everyone should have fun in using.”

Samsung Galaxy S5

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I know this should have come much earlier. But the concise article from The Verge gave more insights to the upcoming Samsung S5. We see how important and convenient smart phones are to our social behaviors and remains perpetually integral in our daily routines. Samsung’s S4 had previously drove it’s offering to the stratosphere, leaving little room for its next innovation. While many might think that way, it might not be true. Im an iPhone user but occasionally, I would check out Samsung’s offerings. While there is little adjustment to the facade, the new innovation, S5, boosts a huge repertoire of new functions to woo you over. If being avant garde and living on the edge of technology is something up your alley, then this might just be the phone for you.

We now have a fingerprint scanner as well as several important features like an Android back button and capacitive keys. And I see how the tech giant is trying to move into the health segment by improving its gadgets to incorporate more personalized functions that aims to monitor your health progress. Atop of that, the S5 has attempted to built more functions around its home button too. These include tying up with merchants like Paypal making purchases through fingerprint scanning. Definitely a smartphone worth waiting for isn’t it?


carbon-ebik33-625x625 classic-ebike2-625x625 caterham-brutus-750-macro-tank-970x646-c caterham-brutus-750-front-angle-2-970x646-c caterham-brutus-970x646-c caterham-brutus-750-front-angle-right-970x646-c caterham-brutus-750-macro-side-970x646-c

Caterham has recently launched Caterham Bikes. The company has been known for making what is retro and laidback into something modern. They have recently unleashed a magnificent arsenal of bikes. They made some new efforts to the Brutus 750. Looking pretty bad ass, the bike comes with gigantic tires, automatic CVT transmission as well as mechanical invulnerability. Caterham is not just satisfied working on the big Brutus, it is planning to get into the bike business where it would revolutionize the classic E-Bike, creating electric bicycles with pedals. Check out some of their designs. Gorgeous.



Check out this concept watch video created by pirelaneuman. I actually kinda like the watch which has a rather sporty look to it. The watch explores beyond a Nokia-Micorosoft feel and positions itself as a standalone watch. It is a SmartWatch and also an awesome gadget that comes along with your Lumia phone and tablet. This concept is developed with the hardware navigation in mind, together with vivid colors, AMOLED screen and of course, a camera which is connected via bluetooth to your main peripheral. According to the designer, the main menu is designed to reduce energy consumption. It offers notification info together with the facade which features traditional watch aesthetics. It gives you the flexibility to customize the color of your choice. I do see the trend in the SmartWatch market and a possibility of it taking off in the near future. This might be a potential market for many tech companies.