LEGO Marvel Super Heroes!

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Once again, it brings me great joy to discuss and talk about LEGO. I am actually considering of starting a blog for LEGO myself! Well, until then, let’s have a look at LEGO’s Marvel Super Heroes release on Playstation 4! TT Games is working towards developing the game with a huge rooster of superheroes and balancing them in the world of bricks as well as keeping some of the superheroes on a milder tone to have them more child-friendly. The story starts off with Silver Surfer arriving on Earth and was being confronted. Unfortunately for him, his surfboard was shattered and the bits and pieces of it got scattered across Earth and in the form of Cosmic Bricks. Doctor Doom is determined to gather all these cosmic bricks which possessed immense amount of energy and power. With the aid of all the super villains he can find, he would then be able to obtain the Cosmic Bricks to build his Doom Ray of Doom. Now, that sounds like a job for Nick Fury. Naturally with the involvement of S.H.I.E.L.D, you can expect to see the Avengers together with other Super Heroes from the Marvel Universe. In the trailer we see Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine, Spiderman, Thor, X-Men, Deadpool, The Fantastic Four and more. After all this is a LEGO game and as with most of it’s predecessors, expect plastic looking minifigurines that are very basic in structure and extremely adorable in design. I can’t wait for this game to release!

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Chew chew chew!

Wieden + Kennedy London recently launch a quirky mobile game together with Stride Gum and came up with the game ‘Gumlon’. What’s interesting is how you actually manoveour the character in the game. You are require to chew. Yes, you have to chew and your mouth movements will be deteceted by your phone cameras. This will serve as a navigational and maneuvering tool for Ace, an alien whose goal is to escape from the monters as he travels through space. We have seen many mobile apps that detect eye movement but this app detects your mouth movement. Do you think it is an interesting idea?


Draw it baby!


It is official. Draw Something 2, the highly anticipated app from Zynga was officially unveiled during the company’s earnings call on Wednesday. There are now more interesting ways to play as well as new drawing tools, patterns and textures. I could still recalled the time I started playing Draw Something 1. The graphics were really simple and easy to use. However, one of the downside I personally didn’t like was the drawing pen. If you have a rather fat thumb, you probably might have some difficulties using the pen to draw. From this video we could see the new version having a variety of tools that might just potentially solve this problem.

The game has also brought in social media integration where players can now not only follow friends, but also interesting and famous people. You now do not need to post your drawing on Facebook and have it shared and liked by your friends because these has already been in built as one of the core functions of the new app.

What makes this game a real success is the formula of marrying both engaging opportunities and fun elements in the app. With more upgraded tools, anyone can be an artist. People gain recognition from their fellow peers to have their drawings posted and complimented. This is overall a very impressive app.