Weirdo with the glasses


TechCrunch published an article about Google glass by Mike Butcher. As we all know, the technology is an innovative product that would be a technology breakthrough. However, as we would have thought, the idea of speaking to the glasses is rather awkward and weird. In this article, Mike mentioned that people want to interact with one another but having the glasses on would require that you to speak to the glasses in order for an user action to take place. This causes breakdown on social interactions. For Google glass to appeal to the mass market, I believe there should be more improvements made.

Read more of the article here.

Guardian googles

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Oh my lord! Here’s another pair of eye wear that is cutting edge but perhaps not as loud as the upcoming Google glasses. The guardian uk is producing this eyewear that aims at improving the daily lives of many. Well, I guess once you owned the news, you probably own almost anything. Because in this age, CONTENT is key to everything. Now we see this is a great marriage between content and technology. Let’s welcome the new Guardian Googles.