Living in LAG!

What does it feel to experience LAG? Especially if its lagging in real life activities. I think LAG has been the one disturbing element that has perennially affected most online users. This awesome experiment by UME.NET Broadband shows results of how one could possibly live with LAG. Well, everyone does experience it and really it is just how intense is the amount we get. Using an Oculus Rift cross mounted and alternated with a GoPro(almost the technology that everyone uses now to do really cool experiments :)), it gives the user that similar experience to actually move around in real with LAG. Check out these videos to see how bad it is. I actually like the way the experiment is done. Perhaps this could be another breakthrough for something cool to happen.


GoPro cameras being one of the emerging trends photographers used to create amazing perspectives in pictures has receive yet another innovative approach. Jonas Ginter, a German photojournalist created an interesting 360° video with the help of 6 GoPro cameras by mounting them atop of his bike. I love what he has created and how the entire experience prove to be rather unique. I remember being a designer, I always loved the spherical images where we lay out visuals nicely in a ring around a circular sphere. Apparently, we can do that in motion now with Jonas’ experiment. What Jonas did was to create a mount from 3D printing and attached the 6 cameras on it. He then went on a bike ride and recorded this interesting video. Check it out.

All in one frame

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Bodenspirale bei Bachalpsee Poorboyz Productions filming session 7

I love how good photographers manage to capture the essence of every movement and detail. Now, we could see all these in one picture. The Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013 photography contest is meant for capturing images in action as well as adventure sports. The ‘Sequence’ category allows participants to feature their work which had images portraying action during sport. It aims to capture the progression of the sport and that the entire story could be depicted in one single frame. This is possible with the GoPro camera. Check out these awesome photos that captures a beautiful scenic imagery accompanied by the actions. They are pretty interesting and a different way to see a picture. I wonder what determines a great action captured photo?