Coca Cola Arcade

It is hard to say anything bad about this brilliant idea. Coca Cola’s ‘Recycling’ Happiness Arcade machine is almost the sure way to guarantee results. To play a game on this arcade machine, one must insert the a coke bottle as the token. Having the machine at 6 different locations, it is able to reach out to people in Dakar. A nice and interesting idea by Grey Dakar.

Check out that bus shelter!

It has been a rather hectic week and blogging has almost become implausible these days. Well, I am resuming back my sanity in the few days from now and will be active once more! Now, what caught my attention during my in between busy work breaks was this video of Pepsi MAX’s Unbelievable bus shelter. To those who are waiting for their local public transport, will definitely be in for a big surprise! This interesting bus shelter provides not just pure entertainment value for the passengers awaiting the bus, it also serves as a very interactive display. Check out the funny scenes of action! Nice.

Grill that billboard!

Clients always loved originality. The truth is, not all of them have the courage to go for it. Now, when it comes to originality, advertising agency, Voskhod, Yekaterinburg from Russia, demonstrated the real deal. As literal as possible, they showcased originality right on the spot on a billboard. Their client, Double Grill&Bar, would like to have their billboard done with exceptional execution. What appears to be a nice image of a steak right smack in the middle of the junction on a giant billboard, is going to give us a little surprise. In the night, they would literally ‘grilled’ that billboard and burn the image on the billboard. And they did. Im actually impressed by the result. Nice burnt marks were created, simulating actual grill lines on the picture. Amazing.

Santa goes undercover

I never stopped believing in Santa. I think he is magical and that his existence is purely one to be felt during the festive season. As a child, we were told of this big white bearded man carrying a big bag of gifts and would slide down the chimney sneaking into our house only to surprise us with lots of gifts the next day. He keeps us remembering the magic of christmas and these vivid memories of childhood remains beautiful today. However, not every child enjoys that same growing up journey. There are many young children in Peru that were forced into working on the streets since early childhood. To some of them, Santa might never have existed. The magic of this holiday season never seemed to appear. Worse of all, they might even stop believing in him. Advertising agency, Conectart Group, Lima decided to create this magical Christmas with their “Santa Undercover” campaign. Santa goes undercover and approaches these kids asking them to polish his boots only to reveal a secret message. The kids then gets a surprise gift from a nearby gift kiosk. Santa would give them a nickel and they can retrieve this magical gift by pulling down the lever. A well thought campaign that is both simple and meaningful.

Ugly babies

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There has been quite a bit of hype on the royal baby of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton. Paddy Power, an online gambling company, took this opportunity to create a guerilla activation effort to boost their brand awareness as well as encouraging people to bet on the hair color of the royal baby. A rather amusing way of gambling yet very provocative. I am quite sure this is bound to spark controversy and fuel conversations. Very bold and daring approach to create the media tension. Now, imagine this, they had four grown men all decked to look like ugly-looking babies and having them parade all around town! They appeared in the London Tube as well as make appearances in the public. Not forgetting Buckingham Palace of course. If your idea has the potential to garner media attention, then it has definitely spread it’s worth your audiences as well.


Your passport please

Are you proud of being a Canadian? Well, you should be! After seeing this interesting work by advertising agency, Rethink, Canada, it sure does feel good to be a Canadian! What they did was to build a beer fridge filled with Molson Canadian and have it move across Europe. It garner a lot of attention from passer bys and many seek ways to open this fridge. It stood still and tight. Your only key to release your treasure is none other than a Canadian passport. It is not frequent that an opportunity like this come by where you are handed a really interesting product to be marketed using such guerilla tactics. However, whenever possible, as creatives we should aim to always add that surprise element into the work we produce. Guerilla advertising is a really good way to create hype, engagement and social attention with limited marketing budgets. Well, everyone had fun isn’t it?