Drone it over

Having lived in Singapore for the entire part of life, I have seen so much disparity between races here in this small tiny little island. The republic has went through phrases of racial campaigns and trying its best to bring harmony between the different races. While I have mixed feelings on how successful the efforts were, im quite certain this idea from Coke is pretty interesting. I have shared this exact same idea with several clients before but always get shunned off for being too outrageous. Im starting to believe that it does take a lot more courage for people to accept something beyond the norm. Rather, I think incremental steps would be a better way to bring on radical ideas. Still, this is a good idea to deliver the messages directly to the audience. Drone technology, ahh… finally someone gets it.

Double decker TV

Truly these days when everything seemed so predictable and options so limited, we tend to adopt traditional risk adverse approaches when building brands. It is in such circumstances that the best option is indeed to create your every own media. Curb Media recently had London’s double-decker bus transformed into one gigantic mobile TV screen. With a whipping 36 meter screen, this is easily one of the most massive mobile TV screens ever. Interestingly, the bus was scheduled to rove around Covent Garden, embarking a 15-day tour in London. Best of all, there were both live and recorded event contents broadcasted. Together with really nice sound system by Curb Media, it turns out to be a fantastic experience. Outdoor activations when done right, yields tremendous results.

Colors colors colors

If it’s IKEA, you just gotta love it. With the avalanche of zany yet provocative campaigns from the furniture giant,  it is no wonder it receive such great support from it’s supporters. Effective communication through creativity is the cornerstone for most of the works produced by IKEA. As much as I recalled, innovative approaches to traditional media seems to be prevalent in a lot of IKEA’s campaign. With less costly media placements, they attempted and successfully garnered high traction. This time round, they again push the boundaries of traditional outdoor advertising. Executed in Belgium, witness how these lovely colorful bus stop billboards actually captured the public’s attention through bright vibrant colors. As you go nearer, you see fine lines delineating the contours of furnitures. Interesting concept. Love the art direction and idea.

HOT Bus stop shelters

Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi once said that the power of brands is in their ability to trigger emotions within consumers. Emotions is a strong word with the power to trigger an action. And Duracell displays that kind of motivation through their heated bus shelters. In this chilly weather, they brought heat to people using their heat empowered bus stop shelters. A smart idea within a smarter idea. In order for you to activate the heat sensors, they encourage people to ‘connect’ to themselves by holding their hands. As you clamp within the shelter, you experience warmth. Nothing comes close to beating the cold in this weather. Great work from Duracell.


Tell me you love this. Whats more amazing than to prank on others, gets a heap of awareness and still communicate your message without physically showing it? Prankvertising as they called it, has been quite popular in New York. AMC’s Walking Dead returns with a rather loud opening isn’t it? We see people getting shock as they stroll past street grates as zombie hands raise from beneath the drainage. Love those shocking moments from passerby. Nice!



Once again we witness a larger than life installation by advertising agency Molotov, São Paulo, Brazil. With a tagline “Do you see how smoking disrupts your life?”, I question how it would evoke the audience to fully understand their messaging. Nonetheless, the idea of having the huge cigarette butts does play a part in disrupting the ease of flow of traffic. In a way, it does create a disruption.