People need to understand that for something really groundbreaking, it is not just injecting pure creativity, there is an imperative need for unconventional content. Heineken’s social experiment, ‘Routine Interruptions’ placed thousands of people in a dilemma, in a decision making scenario. And I like decision making scenarios. You get people all cold feet and under stress while they attempt to make a really scary decision. In this case, the answer to an ultimate night out is simply picking up the phone, mustering up the courage to do exactly what the caller says. People get really scared when they don’t know what unfolds and this level of suspense is what builds the plot for this campaign. Excellent work there, Heineken.

Heineken and it’s success

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I have worked with several lager labels and time and again I was given a task that would pit against the brilliant branding efforts of Heineken. The truth is, many beer labels aspired and have taken Heineken’s branding innovations as a benchmark to challenge for. But in reality, Heineken has proven itself to be one that is not only very innovative, very alternative, very adroit, but very consumer driven. The key to it’s success is that it seldom pulls off it’s stunts based upon the traditional approach of passive brand persuasion. I would like to emphasis once again, that they take their consumers VERY seriously. Here are a few of the branding innovations Heineken adopted over the course of their campaign periods. Lately, their campaign, ‘Your Future Bottle Challenge’, would leverage on crowd-sourced content form fans all over the world to create the winning design for their future bottle. And the results of the winning design would be a fresh print on a limited edition packaging featured in 2014 to give the classic logo a new look. See? Once again, they placed their fans BEFORE everything else. Atop of all these, another winning formula to note is that the brand itself has a lot of collaborations with companies out there which allow their consumers to either benefit in terms of convenience or appeal to them in terms of visual aesthetics. I strongly believe to place your voice in the hearts of your consumers while constantly working with new partners to create innovative work is something that should be inherent in almost any successful brand strategy. Lastly, it is imperative to be innovative, constantly challenging what you have done before and making groundbreaking work through innovation and creativity.

Legends are dropped!

They say if you want to do great work you got to go to the best agency that does it. Wieden + Kennedy has never fail to deliver brilliant work. Once again, Heinken has did it again with their new video for this time they dropped Mr. Brightside Clint Jacobs from Cape Town into the Polish border. Things cant go anymore crazier with this. What is the point they are trying to make here? Legends aren’t born, they’re dropped. Truly groundbreaking and captivating to see the adventures of Clint. Check all 3 episodes out!

The random flight

Heineken is one of the few clients out there whom creatives would truly love to get a chance to work on their briefs. It is always an avenue for more creative work to suffice. In the past, we do see lots of highly engaging and amazingly rewarding marketing stunts which they had pulled off. Previous campaigns like the UEFA cup stunt, had pretty much shown how receptive Heineken is to creative work. This time round, they have push that boundary again with another amazing stunt. This has got to be one of the best incentivise stunt I have seen so far for the year. People at JFK were challenged with the option to drop their existing flight plans and head off to another location. The catch here is you cannot decide where you would go. All you need to do is simply press the red button and the board would randomly pick a location for you. Cool idea with an element of surprise. Can Heineken convince you to fly to another promising location? Would you play this Departure Roulette if it comes up to you?

Heineken you did it!

Oh my, this is so so so Good! I loved how Heineken creates the opportunity for couples to go on to the UEFA cup finals through clever use of retail shopping experience coupled with great consumer engagement. This stunt basically see the males trying to convince their female partners into spending $1899 on two plastic stadium seats in the efforts to win a trip for the UEFA Champion League finals in London. Everything is recorded. For all you know, it is definitely a worth it deal! For me, the icing on the cake is the part where the winner is announced. You get to be on TV with two almost professional looking host reporting your performance. How epic is that huh? Nice work!