Freezing cans


This is genius. Finally, we are seeing inking innovations come to live on actual execution. So, I have come across several products attempting to use such reactive paints that changes or unveils depending on its environment and I must say, such inventions to make things pretty has little or no┬árelevance at all. This┬áHeineken beer can’s hidden design not only extrudes beauty, it also has a reason for doing so. While the can illustrates a big iconic red star in the middle, the white lines around the icon actually unveils blue splashy vines of water designs when the can reaches a freezing temperature. What a wonderful idea that not only makes a it a joy to look at but also a valid reason for design. Created by Raison Pure, these designs are awesome.

Are you watching the world cup?

Everyone’s has their eyes glued onto the world cup right now. Whats unfortunate is that the timings where it is aired is during the day and most people are actually slogging away at work. To make work entertaining, Heineken USA had a brilliant idea. They are proposing American bosses to select one of the games and actually permit their employees to enjoy those matches during work! Check out #BrazilianNoShow challenge. Nuno Teles, CMO of Heinken USA describes that taking part in the challenge might win you an ice cold chilling Heineken.