Street Wear x LEGO

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Woooo, it thrills me when two of my favorite hobbies come together. Pop culture has always been highly regarded as an ideal platform for brands to leverage on. Especially when two brands collaborate, the intrinsic value it brings across to its followers must allow them to remain emotionally attached. Now, we create more through cultures. When two cultures combine, the result can be extremely staggering. My perpetual love for street fashion brands and LEGO toys grew even more intense through Adly Syairi Ramly’s latest works. Love how he merge popular toy, LEGO, together with amazing brands through the clever use of their iconic minifigures. Check them out! Dope!

LEGO Simpsons house review

Irrevocably, collaborative work between brands with famous cultural icons generates huge waves of success. As we see now, the aggressive strategy adopted by LEGO over the last couple of years, transformed the toy giant into a global phenomenon. Kids and adults go crazy shopping for these bricks and as the wave of popularity rises once again, LEGO began targeting other channels of marketing, including the upcoming LEGO Movie. Today, we have the Simpsons theme on LEGO. Personally, I am a huge fan of Homer Simpson. This combination is almost irrevocable in the context of brand collaboration. The video above showcases the details of the box set where we see in depth visuals and great explanation of the minifigures as well as bricks for the home of the Simpsons. Impeccable details resembling the cartoon, interesting yet compelling marketing efforts by LEGO is pushing the boundaries of these toy bricks into a new global sensation. Respectable.

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Photos of the day

Once again picture editors from The Guardian curates a collection of their hand picked photographs for the day. Some of which evokes so much feeling and portrays so much more depth in the realism they originate from. I would definitely hope you folks would go to their link here for more of the photographs. Again, credits to the photographers and the picture editors from The Guardian.

Mansura, Egypt: Egyptian men inspect destruction following a powerful car b Britanny , France: A man walks in a flooded street in Morlaix Aviemore, Scotland: Eve Grayson, a Reindeer herder of the Cairngorm Reindee Bethlehem: Pilgrims pray inside the Grotto where Christians believe the Vir Tacloban, Philippines: A boy with a Santa Claus mask sits on a pedicab amonMumbai, India: A man waits for customers to sell candy floss at the Mahim f


Credits of photographers featured above:
• Mumbai, India: A man waits for customers to sell candy floss at the Mahim fair
• Mansura, Egypt: People inspect destruction following a car bomb explosion
• Britanny, France: A man walks in a flooded street in Morlaix
• Tacloban, Philippines: A boy with a Santa Claus mask sits on a pedicab among debris left from typhoon Haiyan
• Bethlehem, West Bank: Pilgrims pray inside the grotto where Christians believe the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ in the Church of the Nativity
• Aviemore, Scotland: Eve Grayson, a reindeer herder feeds the Cairngorm reindeer herd in a blizzard

The 10 best photographs

I refer to a post from theguardian uk today which features 10 best photographs of the day, which in my opinion was really good. Photography can be an addictive hobby and in return it favors those who puts in their hard work to achieve amazing results. A great photographer not only chooses the best time of the day for his shots, he could work his way along so many other minute details that he wishes to include in his work. Every piece of photograph could encompass a story, an emotion or even a message behind it. Check these 10 photographs from theguardian.


World 517e9f94-f13e-47c3-ab64-e73efb7e1d71-620x372 31373a15-c891-4b24-af4d-6d54ab90e7c2-620x372 Indonesia Volcano 52662586-f198-4608-93a0-a7a0ed83b06e-620x408 1085c11c-d552-447d-ace9-4c7fa418932a-620x407 **CHINA-HAINAN-SANYA-LEISURE(CN) 652b5757-21be-44fd-95d4-c0e40fb38513-620x415 AFGHANISTAN-KABUL-CHILDREN-POVERTY 28f69067-8e18-4b7e-9875-7cdf8d0134cf-620x447

The lego trailer

Finally! The Lego movie is gonna come out on the big screen! YAY! Im a big fan of Lego and lately the long anticipated Lego movie has release their 2nd trailer. Check it out! And as the lyrics in the background says, ‘everything is awesome’, trust me, it is. Chris Pratt voices Emmet, the main cast in the movie. Emmet is the orange brick minifigure, also known as ‘The Special’ who is destined to save the world from impending doom. Im looking forward to great scripting which includes lots of puns and jokes. Not to mention that Batman is going to be one of the cast list! Awesome, check out the trailer now and the cast that would be voicing in the movie!

Featured voice over actors: Will FerrellChanning TatumLiam NeesonMorgan FreemanElizabeth Banks.

LEGO Simpsons


As mentioned before, I am a LEGO fan. It certainly is big news for me when I learn that LEGO is actually going to release an official ‘The Simpsons’ brick set next year 2014. There are currently no news or any coverage as to which characters will be included. However, EGO spokesman Roar Rude Trangbaek said that the company hopes the series will “appeal to fans of ‘The Simpsons’ family”. Will it be a hit upon it