Wax it Baby!

This is obviously a very amazing prank. Check out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s prank that he had installed for his fans. The amazingly real wax figure turns to live. Awesome way to really meet his fans and get the movie publicity out. Nice!

The lego trailer

Finally! The Lego movie is gonna come out on the big screen! YAY! Im a big fan of Lego and lately the long anticipated Lego movie has release their 2nd trailer. Check it out! And as the lyrics in the background says, ‘everything is awesome’, trust me, it is. Chris Pratt voices Emmet, the main cast in the movie. Emmet is the orange brick minifigure, also known as ‘The Special’ who is destined to save the world from impending doom. Im looking forward to great scripting which includes lots of puns and jokes. Not to mention that Batman is going to be one of the cast list! Awesome, check out the trailer now and the cast that would be voicing in the movie!

Featured voice over actors: Will FerrellChanning TatumLiam NeesonMorgan FreemanElizabeth Banks.

Movies on the phone

Harry Potter
The life of PI
Finding Nemo


These are pretty interesting ads from Corporacion / JWT, Montevideo, Uruguay. Does these icons look familiar to you? Yes, i am sure they look like the ones on your iphone. Apparently, it is a great way to advertise a product if you can bring that relation stronger to your audience by using things they are familiar with. In this case, the icons on the iphone. A nice and easy way to let our audiences see the message behind each ad. It is an effort to advertise the new Life Cinemas app on mobile. The headline goes:

“The movies you like, now on your phone. The new Life Cinemas app.”