Botanica clock

Having moved to my new place, I figured you need effort to get the right stuffs for home. obviously clocks are an essence item for home and I spotted this really beautiful clock by designer Svetlana Mikhailova. Her Botanica clock not only displays time, but also very detailed imagery of nature, crafted in delicate layers of wood. Check this timepiece out!



Mobile garage design

For those who have the luxury of space but do not have a kick ass looking car park or garage, can probably take up this idea. GazeBox’s newly designed car storage unit. It provides solid cover for your vehicle from the harsh weather conditions while at the same time, becoming a nicely designed structure.

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Brilliantly designed to open from the sides to allow shade against the sun as well as forming a solid shelter by closing down the entire unit. In addition, there is a remote which allows the structure to open, simulating a traditional garage unit. Apart from their amazing built, it also helps owners to protect their cars while having mobility. The structure is easy to fix and concrete by nature.

Open the door

What do you see each time you opened your door? I look forward to the shimmering pearl white shelves where all my Lego toys were neatly stacked onto one another. I see loads of toys and minifigures that would filled my heart with so much warmth and joy. Well, my room door is the exit to an arduous day at work.¬†Advertising Agency,¬†Milk, Vilnius, Lithuania¬†did a commercial for IKEA with the message: “Each time I open my door.” Now, that is one powerful message that reminds us intermittently the joy of entering our room, filled with all the things we love. A person’s room represents a lot of who he/she really is. Tapping on this message, the ad projects the message of what to expect whenever you enter your home. Powered by a strong script and beautiful scene transitions, the story for this ad becomes engaging to the audience. Your home is important, for it kept the events and moments that happened throughout our life. We see in the ad a man opening the door, only to remind himself in each phrase of his life, he had a different home where he recalled all the fond memories. Each time he opens the door, he remembers an iconic event or life he went through. The message builds a really good brand relationship as you corresponds what you see at home to the items you placed in it. IKEA wanted us to remember that our home is who we are, what we want to see and how we want to it. Depending on you, your door to home could be a lovely one.

TVC for Facebook Home

There have been some really interesting leaks on the net about Facebook Home lately. Here’s another video that shows us a glimpse of how Home has make this user’s day. We see him flipping through updates and actually having them come to life. I get the message. Again, it is all about the experience and that is what Home is all about. The integration of your lives with your phone should prove to be a substantial catalyst to entice consumers to have Home taking over their Android smartphones completely. I am looking forward for more interesting leaks like this on the net.

Facebook HOME


Things are getting pretty out of hand here. Facebook Home, a new feature that will transform your android phone’s landing page interface to that of Facebook. This is something which I could not comprehend any users would do or authorize. This is yet another step to integrate into the lives of mobile users. A big and bold move. The pros are possibly faster loading for the app, as well as getting more and more of your daily habits all mounted on to this app turned software. However, as this goes on users will get very adapted to app usage and instantly making Facebook their lifestyle app of choice. Getting ahead of the competition while things are going hot is the strategy Mark is adopting right now. A vision that the digital age runs so much faster than actual time. I wonder if there is any tech companies out there with a similar product?