The power of PAPER

Do not underestimate the power of traditional media. If used correctly, the impact it generates can be extremely viral. Honda recently curated this very cool animation which documents their long heritage of innovation. With almost six decades worth of history to cast, the automotive brand calls upon a huge pool of recognised animators to whip out a truly awesome animation comprising┬ácopious amount of illustrations. This video project, “Paper”, is the work of 3,000 hand-drawn illustrations being stitched together by stop-motion. It documents the long heritage of Honda by bringing the audience through a journey of their technology and products from the beginning to now. Very captivating.

Check out the making of this video:

The light show

Humans have been constantly innovating and reengineering through consummate researches. One of the things that we could do is to let our past achievements be elevated to the next big thing. Honda made this possible by leveraging on famous F1 driver, Ayrton Senna’s world fastest lap record in Japan. They simulated his speed through the use of music boxes and made a display of lights. This light show was made successful all thanks to Honda’s technology back then. Hence, this has been a great tribute to the driver. We can also understand that it is due to Honda’s technology then that all this is made ever possible. Maybe we should start creating technology like that which would benefit our generations to come.