Thailand’s next big appetite


Earlier this year, I read an article from which features a write up for the sales of smartphones in Thailand. Refer to the article here. It is speculated that smartphones shall potentially make up almost half of all the phone sales in Thailand this year 2013. Sunthat Laicharoen, senior analyst for telecom at GfK Retail and Technology mention that there is an increase in smartphone sales and I was very convince that Thailand would move on ahead as much as it’s neighborhood counties in Asia. Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia has already proven their acceptance to social media by embracing smartphones over feature phones. Based on researches, we already knew there is a huge market in Indonesia for Blackberry previously and was later contended by HTC and Samsung.

The increase in sales for smartphones in Asia generally give rise to more potential opportunities to tap on mobile technology. A recent article on e27 by GfK again revealed statistics on Thailand’s smartphone sales proving the Southeast Asian country with a huge population of 69million people getting themselves all geared up for mobile technology. Their report shows that in the first quarter of 2013, there were 2.87million smartphones being sold. This staggering figure is a good sign for companies looking to expand their operations to Thailand with intentions to leverage on smartphone technology.

There are a lot of very creative works coming out of Thailand every now and then. With the increase in acceptance to smartphones and its mobile usage, we can expect to see newer innovative campaigns coming from Thailand. Smartphones has helped innovate retail shopping, social media as well as creative marketing campaigns. I can’t wait to see excellent work coming out from creative agencies for their clients in Thailand.


Facebook home everywhere



Looks like we can now have Facebook Home readily available on more than just the proposed list of Smartphones that Facebook originally intend Home to be installed. According to an article on Mashable, Android fans can now have Home on Android 4.0 or higher. Good to know that Facebook actually has plans to open their net to greater target group and get more people to download and use their product. While it is vital to remember who your audiences are, it is also extremely crucial understanding their restrictions. Which in this case is the lack of users currently possessing the device to support Home. So for now, users who don’t have an HTC One X, HTC One, HTC First, Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II can still enjoy having the app on their phone but on a sideload basis. And, it would still work on your phone albeit there will be a message indicating that Home might not be running at it’s full performance.

The article also indicates that Facebook Home works on Nexus 4 and concludes after some testing that it is possible that every phone that is running a compatible version of Android will be able to install Home. Personally, I do not own an Android phone but I would be more than curious to test out Home and see what it really has to offer.

Facebook changes its mind




Facebook has been reportedly working on a phone and Mark Zuckerberg has denied on numerous occasion on this project. But now it seems the Facebook phone is finally coming! Facebook has tag team with HTC on project ‘Myst’, the codename for this product operation. While Facebook remains quite a dominant app for most mobile users, it does not mean that users will be spending a large percentage of time on Facebook alone. Most people tend to spend their time on gaming while some would scroll through news apps. However, with this move, Facebook is effectively integrating their product into consumers’ daily mobile behavior permanently. It has a lot more to go than just being a mere phone. A good strategy I would say, but not a wise one for it’s product branding. No one has yet seen the phone, it is safe to assume not a lot of people who want to carry a mobile that shouts Facebook big time. Think again, Mark. How would you brand your product?