Ah, its Christmas again. We shall be expecting the proliferation of creative works from brands in this festive season. Check out this funny commercial from Oral B. I have to say I had such a good laugh at this ad. Sometimes, you really don’t need an excellent script. All you probably need is the daily humour brought to life. Brilliant stuff from Publicis UK.

Talking to me?

Always a big fan of outdoor activations, I enjoyed seeing how powerful ideas turn to life together with the amount of joy and laughter it elicits from people. What we have here is an interesting mirror that actually talks to people who passes by. Originated from Brazil, bread brand Nutrella created the ‘friendly mirror’ which aims to make your day by singing praises and talking. Creepy, some might say, but the tonality has simply made it a rather amusing experience.

Mom song

It cannot get any better than this. Old spice’s recent commercial puts traditional product driven commercials to shame. Simply genius. I like how they make moms go mad over how much their sons mature into sexy men upon their usage of the spray. We see boys turning to men, dating their girlfriends while their moms sit and cry in the background. What entails are scenes of mordant humor with sad pitiful moms in the background blending into funny and awkward positions. Extremely entertaining.

Dick Fowler is the law

Still remember my last post on Farmer’s Insurance? Their slapstick humor ads are really starting to crack me up! They talked about how you should really use their insurance company and get your interest protected. This time round, they created this really awesome character, Dick Fowler, P.I.  The funny dude basically goes around punishing inconsiderate golfers. We see how he dishes out punishment for justice. Very crude, very funny. See more here:


The power of diesel

When it comes to building suspense, nothing beats the notion of creating that misleading conversation and then pull off a completely in the face brand message. Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal+ Partners, USA created these commercials for the Diesel BMW 3 series. These ads are not only amusing, it also appeals to the established working adults by the context of their conversation and setting. Check out these two commercials and witness the power of building suspense to deliver the brand message. Not forgetting to inject some humor as well.

Be smart be funny

Don’t you just love crazy absurd ads that’s downright funny and shouts the message right in the face? Well Farmers insurance just launched a series of really funny ads. These amusing ads always ends with that funny voice effect and features rather odd scenarios for the weirdest possible disaster to happen. Check them out.

PSY you bore me

I am not a fan of PSY nor any of his works but what really stuck my curiosity is the success of his viral music videos.

Gangnam Style is an example of how fast and effective viral communications can spread the word. PSY, the korean singer has shot to stardom based on his ever popular gangnam style. Ever since then he has been riding on this success for quite some time now and he has now announced his second hit, ‘Gentlemen’ as a sequel to Gangnam style. I see a really interesting way of how he brought publicity for himself simply through youtube videos alone. Some of the key factors that differentiates him from cookie cutter singers is that he gives the audience Content, Entertainment and Visuals. Most of the time people are only interested in what benefits them, what amuses them or what deserves their attention. In this case, humor is one of the main point in his music videos. The new video also have PSY making a fool out of people. He pulls the chair off a girl, throws his jacket at someone or even attempt to stall time in the lift by pressing on every floor on the expense of a passenger having a bad stomach ache. In addition to just humor, videos is still one of the most consumable medium to date.