Colors colors colors

If it’s IKEA, you just gotta love it. With the avalanche of zany yet provocative campaigns from the furniture giant,  it is no wonder it receive such great support from it’s supporters. Effective communication through creativity is the cornerstone for most of the works produced by IKEA. As much as I recalled, innovative approaches to traditional media seems to be prevalent in a lot of IKEA’s campaign. With less costly media placements, they attempted and successfully garnered high traction. This time round, they again push the boundaries of traditional outdoor advertising. Executed in Belgium, witness how these lovely colorful bus stop billboards actually captured the public’s attention through bright vibrant colors. As you go nearer, you see fine lines delineating the contours of furnitures. Interesting concept. Love the art direction and idea.

LÖNE Singleton ?

If you haven’t seen some of the initiatives that IKEA has done, then you are losing out on tons of great creative work. As a matter of fact, IKEA is one of the few companies that have rolled out amazing work over the last couple of months. I think the recent one by IKEA Malaysia is quite interesting. Teasing their audience, IKEA Malaysia came up with the “LÖNE Singleton Dining Table”. A dining table mounted with perpendicular mirror where one can glaze at their own reflection as they eat. What a great way to inject some humor into their furniture. Again, this could just be another April Fool’s joke.

3 billboards in 1

An idea so original deserves its seat here. Check out IKEA Germany’s latest offering together with German ad agency, Thjink in collaboration with production studio, I Made This. They jointly created this amazingly creative billboard. I love outdoor advertising. Especially those that shouts creativity. Simple billboards might not mean anything, but so long as it cleverly executes the communication message, it brings about massive amount of attention. This RGB billboard uses cyan, magenta and yellow and through the usage of interesting overhead lights like red, green and blue, it reveals 3 different headlines. Consequently, this resulted in IKEA’s clever use of this ad space by leveraging up to 3 times the size of a small 9 meters billboard to 27 meters! IKEA has been producing creative work and innovative brand experiences, the brand epitomizes great quality work through restricted media and resources. A truly remarkable brand who deserves such a strong following thus far.

Open the door

What do you see each time you opened your door? I look forward to the shimmering pearl white shelves where all my Lego toys were neatly stacked onto one another. I see loads of toys and minifigures that would filled my heart with so much warmth and joy. Well, my room door is the exit to an arduous day at work. Advertising Agency, Milk, Vilnius, Lithuania did a commercial for IKEA with the message: “Each time I open my door.” Now, that is one powerful message that reminds us intermittently the joy of entering our room, filled with all the things we love. A person’s room represents a lot of who he/she really is. Tapping on this message, the ad projects the message of what to expect whenever you enter your home. Powered by a strong script and beautiful scene transitions, the story for this ad becomes engaging to the audience. Your home is important, for it kept the events and moments that happened throughout our life. We see in the ad a man opening the door, only to remind himself in each phrase of his life, he had a different home where he recalled all the fond memories. Each time he opens the door, he remembers an iconic event or life he went through. The message builds a really good brand relationship as you corresponds what you see at home to the items you placed in it. IKEA wanted us to remember that our home is who we are, what we want to see and how we want to it. Depending on you, your door to home could be a lovely one.

Wedding in IKEA?

Courtesy of Ikea China/Yu Studio

Nothing beats brand intimacy when it comes to building consumer relationships. Proclaiming your benefits and unique propositions blatantly, in hopes of eliciting greater brand recognition creates passive communications, which would never connect your brand with your consumers. There is never one fixed methodology when it comes to building a brand’s emotional attachment together with your consumers. Cultural differences create diversity in our society, and it is vital that the right approach be adopted to create the most impactful marketing initiatives. IKEA China is one of the few really amazing IKEA outlets that recognizes the needs and culture of the chinese market when it comes to retail marketing. And trust me, they completely nailed it. I refer to an article at which features an article on a short interview with IKEA’s marketing director, Ms. Camilla Hammar. In the interview, Ms. Hammar explained how IKEA China has changed its approach towards the chinese shoppers and how they learn to accept their customers getting all too comfortable with their products.

Ms. Hammar: People literally getting into the beds, taking off their shoes, getting under the covers. Not just one person, but sometimes as a couple or with a child. 

One of the most bizarre marketing initiative that IKEA China has rolled out, involves the in-store marriage ceremony of 3 couples! IKEA China has learn to understand the fact that great effective work requires not just great ideas and executions, it is also the knowledge of understanding the market you are trying to sell to. Check out more of the article here.

Live billboards



I have always wanted to create an outdoor activation like this. Ikea has recently came up with an interesting billboard advertisement where they feature real actors inside their billboards. We see the actors going about their usual daily routines in the public, while being featured inside actual billboard. This was done up in Gare St Lazare station in Paris, France. The ‘live billboard’ is erected a few feet above ground level but were a comfortable gaze from eye level. The result is an extremely attention seeking feature garnering the likes of the public. Of course, it comes natural with voyeuristic attention. Ikea’s message was a straight and blatant one: “At last a bathroom that rises above the rest.”

Start Something New

IKEA’s new TV spot features a rather odd but adorable old man who is sick and tired of his mundane lifestyle and decides to go on an adventure rather than sitting around feeding birds. The TV sport entitled ‘Start Something New’  features him traveling across the world, gaining new experiences and through different cultures. Boy, he really did enjoyed himself. Check out the video.

Direct mailing

IKEA’s been reaching out to the people with some really creative direct mailers lately. Here are 2 videos of the direct mailers that they recently launched. One is for the media while the other, is for the consumers. I particularly love the shirt packaging where you can fold your side with the box, read the letter as well as have it hang on the rails. Cool creative ideas. Nice work IKEA.

Pop up furnitures

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Chanced upon this beautiful Direct Mailer from Behance here. I would say this dm really reminds me of the nice old pop up books I used to browse during my school days. What comes about as a strong design is the fact that the dm is slotted in conveniently beneath the door which conveys the message that Ikea furnitures can be transported and assembled easily. Nice and cute dm.

More space more fun

When it comes to furnitures, space has always been a constrain for most people. IKEA recently launched some really interesting work that creatively illustrate how you could bring more space to your home through the use of IKEA home furnitures. “One Room Paradise”, is a short TV commercial that would bring forth this point. They adopted a rather cute and interesting approach to convey this messaging with the use of dolls. The story revolves around a little girl playing with her toy house. The camera pans into the toy house and we see the dolls come to life. It effectively portrays the life of a doll and her son making out the best of their space in that small confined toy house set. Unusual yet appealing.