Heritage and beyond

Design solves solutions for our clients. At the same time, we designers infuse our understanding of the brand and its heritage into our work. We blend in different perspective of the product while blanching out the unnecessary elements. A packaging that resembles an old school pharmaceutical bottle, the Tsikoudia, is a distillate from the marc of Roussanne grapes by Manousakis Winery. Premium yet mysterious, this is the epitome of a drink with healing abilities. From the design of the label, the illustrations portrays a Minotaur working in a vineyard cladded in traditional Cretan costume. Very epic and interesting. Packaging is significant as the brand’s first layer of communication to its consumers. See more amazing design works by designer, Marios Karystios here.

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The power of PAPER

Do not underestimate the power of traditional media. If used correctly, the impact it generates can be extremely viral. Honda recently curated this very cool animation which documents their long heritage of innovation. With almost six decades worth of history to cast, the automotive brand calls upon a huge pool of recognised animators to whip out a truly awesome animation comprising copious amount of illustrations. This video project, “Paper”, is the work of 3,000 hand-drawn illustrations being stitched together by stop-motion. It documents the long heritage of Honda by bringing the audience through a journey of their technology and products from the beginning to now. Very captivating.

Check out the making of this video:

Beneath my skin

I love what I just saw. A post from DesignTaxi shared some really fascinating pictures from artist Danny Quirk. He has created a series of very realistic yet dimensional visuals on the human body. This seemingly artistic yet erratic paintings is a nice composition of latex, acrylic and markers. The result is real physical demonstration of human anatomy coming to life! The models had these medical illustrations on their body to help bring in a closer realistic view of our body. Extremely mind blowing visuals!

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Embrace art

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Design and art continues to inspire us in terms of the underlying message it carries. At times we seem to take it completely for granted. Tom Watkins Anders created these alluring visuals for Body Shop. Inspired by Brasil, the artist depict fascinating patterns in the form of circles, brilliantly merging Body Shop’s logo in them. What we see are beautiful illustrations of birds, leaves, humans and other elements forming this intricate design. Kudos to Tom for such quality art work.

Xmas Pinterest



Here’s a relatively interesting use of Pinterest. I have had the opportunity to work with a client on a past project where we created a huge image that was right smack onto the Pinterest gallery, allowing us to actually dissect the grid into different pictures. There are numerous ways to leverage on the grid system of Pinterest. Of course, ideally you would like to first do your research to understand the different offerings from each social app out there in the market before making a decision for a go ahead. What you see here is some really creative approach by advertising agency, Dare, from Vancouver. They pretty much make good use of the grid system of Pinterest to create a 25 days calendar out of it. Atop of that, each box is a video linked from Vimeo when you click it. Not only does it has a story behind it, there is content behind the entire work. Good use of media and great content engagement there guys.

Great artworks

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Wow, these are amazing work from a Polish creative. An artist with a very interesting eye and unique flash of art direction. Happen to see his works on Behance, I think he does have beautiful art sense. Check out some of his works here. These are screen prints he did for his clients, I particularly like the monotone coloring accompanied by a single color highlight. Apart from that, he also has great detail and a rather special inking style for the outlines as well as shading to give raise in depth. All these entails to a great creative quality.
Various screen prints made for various clients between 2012 – 2013. 

Google Map Graphics

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“Google Maps’ receives a very good interpretation of it’s visual aesthetics from a graphical perspective depict through the eyes of New York-based graphic designer Matt Delbridge. Comprises of a collection of promotional prints, these graphical illustrations is a great way to show Google maps’ iconic aesthetics with the use of clever incorporation of Google maps’ graphics. You see how the artist place the iconic red pin on the graphics, making it sync with the context of the subject header. These interesting graphic prints tap on popular locations. In fact, you can see how Tokyo was represented with a bowl of ramen. Interesting yet visually engaging. Sometimes it is through very fundamental graphic elements that we derive simple messages. A very creative ad campaign by Google Maps.