Design with a purpose

To design with a purpose is something I often preach to my designers. Afterall, design is a solution and for that to manifest, there has got to be a purpose. Levis’ packaging for their Basics line has flaunt not just design, but the subtle intention behind those beautiful packagings. MAD Projects took on the challenge to create a special packaging for Levis’ undergarments, socks and clothing line.┬áBy instilling purpose behind each design, they were able to create something special for the 200, 300 and 400 series. Have a look at the pictures below. Pretty neat stuffs I would say. The 200 series boxes works as a match strike while the 300 series features a resealable packaging. Not only is 400 series design looking real swag, it is actually made of real wood paneling. How cool is that? I love packaging especially how designers can pack innovative ideas into them. Lastly, have a look at the Levi’s Basics socks which literally comes in a glass jar. Brilliant. Sustainability is the word.

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Search by talking

Check this out! Google has now equipped our desktop browsers with Moto X’s hands-free voice control feature. Together with the Google Voice Search Hotword extension, all of us can just simply instruct the computer to fire away the search key just by saying “OK, Google!” We can just ask for whatever stuff we want to search. Neat! The feature is currently in it’s beta but you can download it from the Chrome Web Store to try it out yourself! Google really does amazing things don’t they?

Friday beer time


All of us look forward to friday. Nothing beats gulping ice cold beer down the pipe after a frantic week at work. What’s interesting is that I have came out with the idea of a ‘half-time’ beer for a lager client before, and how it would turn consumers into their brands in the different pubs and now, there is a friday beer. Generally, people tend to get influence into doing things when they get it into their system in a rather sub conscious manner. Here is a good example of how UK’s Deskbeers is leveraging on this psychological theory through their offering of local craft beer to offices on every Friday afternoon. They support local brewers by providing companies with great quality drinks and delivering them straight to the door step. The employees get a taste of a new beer every week. It could be ale, lager, stout or even the traditional bitter beer. Making the working environment a little bit more relax, this could actually be a great idea to get the bottles reaching out to the masses.

Music post cards

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UK-based brand communications agency Uniform, piqued my curiosity with their introduction of a device that plays music from postcards. Tapping on this technology known as Printed Electronics, they could print basic electronic circuits and components onto any surface. They worked on Paper Apps making use of paper devices and conductive inks to enable the device to read and interact with the data, information and services.

The beautifully designed cards slots in so nicely on top of this sleek black box device which plays music from the cards. Best of all, users could control the music with functions that is printed on the postcards. They basically allow you to play forward or rewind even. Fantastic invention here. We are looking at a new way to buy music apart from online and the dated CD technology. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to visit a music shop packed with just postcards of music!

Make it impossible not to buy

Such a great marketing stunt put together by Renault. Va Va Boom! One of the great ways is to nail that marketing brief and cracked it with a good message. Then, let your creative juices run wild and just keep that one single-minded objective in mind: “Make it impossible for the consumer not to buy your product”. Sounds difficult? Well, you will be amazed by how a consumer is influenced by the impact of the experience he/she gets. A purchasing decision is almost one fine line away from your client leaving your compound feeling all too bored and expected.