Colors from your ice cold drink


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The things that people do to their phone can be incredibly bizarre. I have seen iphones dipping the toilet bowls, used as a remote control for drones, some even used it as a frisbee for their dogs. We now have an iphone as a coaster. Placing your ice cold glass with condensing water droplets on top of your iphone. How cool is that? Oh yeah, it is going to be cool. Bradley Simpson created Blinkdrink, a simple yet very thought provoking way of interacting with screen-based technologies. A new experience of how 2 dimensional screen experience could be extended to the 3 dimensional space. While you place your drink on top of your iPhone, the built-in microphone listens to the ambient audio through the surrounding conversation or music, and would visualize it through the refraction of glass and liquid inside it. Very cool interaction between the two mediums. On the app itself, you can choose the color as well. Check this out.

Adidas NEO

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at AM 12.07.17 Screen shot 2013-04-16 at AM 12.08.59  Screen shot 2013-04-16 at AM 12.09.14

Adidas has launched a uber-cool online shop with amazing interactive features. Great music and interactivity, featuring celebrity endorsement from music icon Justin Bieber. The entire experience is very smooth in transition between the scenes and also displays the gear each character wore simply with the click of a mouse. Every good user experience and journey. Not to mention great information architecture planning as well. Nice job.