Microsoft Office on iPad

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Wow, i think it is about time that Microsoft would bring on the Office onto iPad. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft mentioned the use of touch user interface for Office on iPad. In the Gartner event in Florida, he mentioned that it is imperative for the iPad to have the touch first user interface. It is said that the touch first interface is “in progress” and Microsoft plans to release it earlier to the Windows version and the iPad edition following it.

Qi Lu, Microsoft’s head of applications and services mentioned that the company is “working on touch-first versions for our core apps in the Office suite” and that it will bring these apps into the Windows devices as well as other devices which is tailored to their needs. I believe office is commonly being used by most people and with its popularity and its long rooted history, it is a smart move to introduce Office onto the iPad. Now, we can have work on the go. Looking forward to more news of this upcoming launch.

Dell vs iPad

This bashing commercial came out a few days ago and I saw it over on youtube. We see a comparison video of the Dell tablet vs iPad and it is evident that the iPad is losing it’s thunder. As technology advances, it is not possible to solely rely on emotional advertising anymore. I have to admit that I am an Apple follower but those days are slowly fading away. Steve Jobs used to market Apple in the direction of emotional marketing where he identifies that people made a purchase because they truly love the brand as a WHOLE. The service it provides, the engagement it gives, the technology it promises and that cool factor it extrudes. All in all, it was cool to own an Apple product. As Saatchi & Saatchi’s CEO Kevin Roberts had preached, the Lovemarks concept is a marketing approach aimed to replace Brands. It focus on the the “want” rather than the “need”. Unfortunately, these days consumers tend to compare not just their wants anymore, they need to have their basic requirements fulfilled  And consumers are starting to be more and more pragmatic in their purchasing decisions. This video identifies the shortcomings of the iPad as compare to the Dell tablet. There were quite a few down sides in the comparison which includes the feature of dual app running concurrently, magnifying of menu layout, SD card ..etc. Apple, it is time to buck up and start to gain back that market equity you once command with more desirable “game-changer” features for your future products.

Are you an Apple fan? Have you been experiencing disappointment with the brand lately? Feel free to drop your comments.


Virtua Cards


A great way to create something new is to change what’s old with what’s new. Still sending mails through beautiful postcards and licking those stamps? Well, if you enjoy doing that, you are missing out on the digital side of fun. ‘Felt’, an innovative app allows you to send out handwritten cards with the help of digital technology. This app basically allows users to select from a spectrum of card designs and then allowing them to customize their cards with a handwritten message. Users actually write with their hands on the iPad instead of typing it out the mechanical way. Pretty cool isn’t it? Even the postage details on the envelopes are handwritten just like how you would like to get all nostalgic about the good old fashion way of sending postcards. Once the card is completed, Felt actually print your handwriting onto the real cards and envelops and then ships it to the recipient. An app that gives you that fun of keeping whats old by using what’s new.


iPad video content consumption


Today TechCrunch published an article pertaining to the increase in iPad video consumption. It had a report from Videoplaza, a video platform with clients from major publishers that released data showing the actual tablet consumption of videos online.

The report showed a major increment in video monetization due to major growth in the iPad video consumption. Basically, there is a 150 percent growth of iPad traffic in the last six months. It discovers that iPad traffic accounts for 10 percent of all the traffic across its video ads platform with growth of over 10x in the last 12 months. Now, this is something worth mentioning. Tablet video consumption should not be taken lightly. I remembered many times I have seen people carrying their mobile gadgets streaming their favorite TV dramas, animations or youtube music videos while waiting for their turn at the queue. What raises my curiosity is their devotion to videos. As much as I am a creative and very much into videos, I am definitely not a TV addict.

But it is without a doubt these days that online videos are the most consumed content online. What if we could give our consumers an opportunity to be part of a story through the use of the mobile device that they are holding on to? Imagine playing a game with your ipad that runs on a real time basis that corresponds to where your location is? With the increase in video content on iPads, it is evident that more and more people love content on the go. That gives us more opportunity to engage them. Tablets are one of the coolest way to get your consumer engaged as well as having them remembering you. It’s time to have tablets as one the marketing mediums in your arsenal.

Tablets obsolete? What?


Blackberry’s CEO Thorsten Heins, is claiming that by 2018 tablets will be deem obsolete. It is highly possible and most likely the case. It is obvious that technology moves fast and changes happen everyday. Right now Blackberry should focus their attention on marketing their newest smartphone models and gaining more market equity. Amidst the competition are Apple and Samsung, the two dominant tech giant in the mobile and smartphone market.

He told Bloomberg:

“In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore,” Heins said in an interview yesterday at the Milken Institute conference in Los Angeles. “Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model.”

It is true that Blackberry is a flop in the tablet market specially for its Playbook but what he claims stands possibly true that a more compelling technology will emerge by 2018 which will render iPads or Galaxy tablets as obsolete. It is correct to claim that tablet market aren’t performing as well as smartphone markets but Samsung has proven for the record that their sales for tablets was actually very healthy.