iPhone 5c commercial

iPhone 5c for the colorful ones. What a way to position the iPhone. It doesn’t sound sexy nor has there been a revolution. Although the colorful phones does seem like a rather cool concept, there hasn’t been any real distinct differences ever since it’s predecessors, in terms of its aesthetics. Apple recently released it’s first commercial for the iPhone 5c and we see how the commercial simply portray the pouring of colorful paint and how it would twist and turn in twirls with the music. Come to think about it, it is kinda usual for Apple to not showcase their phone features in their commercial. Apple is moving and banging their efforts on the iPhone 5c and it is the only phone that is up for pre-order right now. Looking at the commercial, I am starting to rethink if I would take purchasing of the iPhone 5c as even an option. It is still nonetheless, a magnificent phone.