The power of people.

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“You are more powerful than you think.”

For any brand, those were the exact words they would say to any of their customers perplexed by the huge array of brands out there in the digital jungle. The fact that people must understand that they possess the power to determine their own brand experience is one less practiced these days. With so many options and misleading advantages, one would might easily fell for the snake oil advice. However, strong branding resonating with consumers can easily deterred itself away from less mainstream ploys. Apple in this case, has done a fantastic job. This new ad for the iPhone 5S features people. Yes, people. Again, the brand is so human centric that whatever it features, almost relates itself back to how it adds value to people, enriching their lives. Such is the get-go of the brand, earning it’s well deserved popularity and followers. Another magnificent commercial from Apple. Check it out.

iOS7 background pictures

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If you haven’t seen the new wallpapers for the iOS 7 yet, here I have picked some of the photos which I think is kinda pretty. Although the iPhone 5S has been getting a lot of trash and negativity, I think it still have it’s beauty which cannot be easily replaced. These are actually pretty lovely system wallpapers. After a short while, you did probably put in your own photos. However, it is still refreshing to put back something original once again.



iPhone 5S

To most of you iPhone followers, tech geeks and Apple haters out there, you know the iPhone 5S is coming. And some of you might have seen this video. The iPhone 5S after Tim Cook’s presentation at a special media event in their head office of Cupertino, California, witnessed a series of imperative changes that should put the iPhone 5S back on the charts. Apart from it’s cheaper offering of the iPhone 5C, the new model retains it’s iconic aesthetics. They have really gone minimal, I doubt anyone could strip the design down to anywhere near it’s current design basics. However, they do have a gold model. In terms of it’s software and hardware, there are impressive enhancements like the biometric fingerprint sensor for the home button which I think it’s really cool. The iPhone 5S comes with a first 64-bit smartphone processor that significantly runs twice the speed of the iPhone 5. It also comes with a dual-LED flash! It is equipped with the usual high-grade aluminum casing but boasts a pixel resolution of 1136 x 640. Nice.

There are silver, gold and “space gray” color options available. Check out our official iPhone 5S picture gallery.

Sizes DOES matter



Big, small or medium? Topeka analyst Brian White believes Apple could be planning to launch a series of different sizes for its iPhone 5s models. Facing pressures from rivals Samsung and as well as internal investors, Apple needs a good plan to move ahead. It is pretty exciting to see everyone using a different size as it now adds variety to purchasing options. People love individuality. While you might spot someone with the same size as you, you could also potentially see someone who don’t. This idea of having a variety of choices makes the phone a less boring device that you carry around with. It gives it a little more personality. What is your opinion of a different size and colored phone?