Samsung printers

samsung_2013-ifa_concept-printers-970x0samsung_2013-ifa_concept-printers_one-and-one-625x1000 samsung_2013-ifa_concept-printers_wave-625x1000 samsung_2013-ifa_concept-printers_indie-625x1000


Check out these three concept printers that Samsung will be featuring in the IFA-electronics extravaganza in Berlin. ¬†They all looked pretty cool don’t they? The Internationale Funkausstellulng Berlin auf Deutsch. (IFA) held in Berlin will see a lot of tech companies featuring some really awesome new gadgets and this time round Samsung had just release some pre event images of their printers. The first design, Wave is a printer develop to allow the user to actually sync up their smartphone and print from it. According to Samsung, it is created with a ‘minimal and organic aesthetic’. The second design, The Indie is docking bay design concept with the combination of a sound system with printer. It sure looks like a iPod dock that charges and yet plays music and now it prints at the same time! I think what is more interesting is the fact that Samsung is going to exhibit some of their current color laser printers that could operate with the NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. A technology that would most of the phones are equipped with and trying to prove its worth for the future of mobile technology.