POP amazing ART

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There is always opportunity for creativity as long as we don’t stop ‘imaging things‘. I actually love a lot of nice installations that reverse public’s perceptions through provocative imagery. Most often or not, these visual works tend to create something out of another. Like in this case, Irish graffiti artist,  Maser, transformed a gas station in Limerick City, Ireland into a beautiful art installation. Are you fond of huge art installations? This might just be your thing. He called it No.27 – A Nod to Ed Ruscha. It is very much an inspiration from pop artist Ed Rushca. It is pretty awesome I would say. For people who indulge and immerse in an artistic environment, they would definitely not miss this one. As much as I love activation and outdoor creative work, this really looks pretty amazing. Looks like this might be an idea for some creative campaign. Hmmm….

Maser said, “My work often boldly juxtaposes old and new, past and present in the architectural elements, the visual grammar and choice of pallet. I hope to create work that surprises people and questions their relationship with the familiar and the norm and also how dissociated we are from the space around us.” 

Fly, bird! Fly!

Animations can be so entertaining to watch and with great storytelling, it can extremely enjoyable. Ireland-based director and animator Conor Finnegan just did a great short film. With cute cartoon character, funny story line and interesting production materials used, it is a fusion of mediums and graphics. A story about a bird who is extremely afraid of flying. Dougal, the male cast, has decided to took on the winter weather challenge instead of seeking another location for refugee, mainly due to his fear of flying. Somehow he manages to do so. Check out the beautiful animation.