The Making of our part

I remembered the time when I had an opportunity to work with a client who is running a vegan business. He is one with a huge love for nature and a great vision to realize the need to keep sustainability for mother earth. There are tons of opportunities for us to do our part in helping to shape mother nature. Today, sportswear company Nike is taking up this role by means of a mobile app, Making. It is a free app which provides details of the sustainability for all the clothing materials relevant for your making. Nike has placed sustainable design as one of their top priority and has since developed a very extensive databse of materials over the course of eight years.

I personally love the app interface and it’s simplistic design. There is a nice infographic touch to the way the information is communicated. Very interactive and comes with rather smooth navigation. Check it out.

$10 000 iTunes store gift


Some of the great activities that would attract instant crowd would be cash prizes. As much as I personally do not support the idea of throwing away monetary incentives for the sake of doing so, I believe Apple has done a really good job this time. It answers to the objectives of them wanting to thank it’s consumers for their never-say-die support as well as to encourage downloads which in turn benefits the partnering companies. A live countdown ticker on the iTunes page also creates further excitement as people keep a constant lookout for it.

This promotion is available only to most who are 13 or older in a country where there is App Store. Brands must learn to incentivise their consumers at the right time. This builds brand loyalty by not cheapening the brand image.