Line up for Cabs!

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In their effort to combat Uber in Japan, the dominating messaging platform Line is coming out with a new service. Their launch of a taxi service within their primary app is evidence that the company is seeking to beef up offerings. The service starts in Tokyo, collaborating with Nihon Kotsu to provide the supply of taxis while Line continues to focus their part on handling the payment platform. Facing direct competition from Uber, it becomes imperative that such initiatives be proposed early to secure market shares. Afterall, Japan needed an app that not only offers better network coverage, but also quicker cabs.

More than meets the eye

Wow. I was astounded by what i saw. Seeing robots transform on cartoons and movies isnt new to us, but to see it happen live can be quite amazing. The J-deite Quarter’ is a great resemblance to the transformer robot toy line where a vehicle can be transformed to a robot and vice-versa. This five-feet tall prototype robot can literally transform into a sports car and is operated by the user through a computer. A joint project by Kenji Ishida from Japanese company Brave Robotics together with Wataru Yoshizaki from Asatec Corp, the J-deite Quarter’ project by the two work closely with Tomy, the company responsible for the inauguration of Transformers. If you watch the movie towards the end, you would expect to see that the team is going to be releasing a bigger scale version. This is extremely revolutionary and exciting. I would be thrilled to see real life size Gundams!

Robots, assemble!

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Finally!!! The day where robots would compete like gladiators brawling gallantly within enduring walls of the colosseum. Japan’s Prime minister, Shinzo Abe has decided to take robot battles towards a bigger magnitude! He announced to JiJi Press saying he has plans to hold an Olympics catered for robots by 2020. Despite efforts for Tokyo to hold its Summer Olympics in 2020, this new idea of Shinzo Abe should materialise as a separate event. Robot concepts like Gundam spun off from Japan as manga and animations, and it wont be surprising the nation has plans to drill out something as crazy as that.


Crowdsourcing has been one of the most widely leveraged approach when it comes to valuable information from the targeted audience, managed at the right cost. Take a look at Pashadelic, a Japanese web service as well as app which aims to provide discerning photographers and photo enthusiasts the platform to obtain images of the best spots on earth where the best pictures can be taken. The service aims to provide fans the platform to share photos and share their most ideal spots for taking such amazingly breathtaking photos. Here are some nice images of Mt Fuji, extracted from the service. These images are simply mind-blowing.

(photos by tsugiur and takuya suda)

pashadelic-mt-fuji-8-651x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-3-648x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-6-581x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-5 pashadelic-mt-fuji-4-651x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-1-654x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-2-646x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-7-625x435

Japan within


Very little has been shared about creative news in Japan. While Japan still remains a very advanced society with great influences and demands for newer innovations, a lot of their inventions have been kept within the doors of their thriving culture. The Japanese society remains adamant when it comes to sharing their inventions to the world. It is evident from how they would create amazing games but only to serve domestic markets or create interesting apps that would most likely contain within Japan itself. I guess to a certain extent, this arouses much of our curiosity over stuffs that got out of Japan. But it is the things that are kept within those walls that are worth seeking for. This year, there have been lots of amazing mobile apps from Japan. I refer to a post from, where they mentioned about the app Nohana.


What the app does is it allows smartphone users to create small interesting photobooks from the pictures they took. These little photobooks will be be delivered by mail. As a fair deal, they are allowing users to order up to one free photobook a month with perhaps 90 yen for domestic shipping. Of course, with additional photobooks, the cost would just add up as accordingly. The good thing about the app is that it basically allows you to kind of “print” from your images. See, you can actually close up the chasm between the users and their families through technology. With the use of the photobook you can take a picture of your son and send it your hubby who might not be able to make it back for the festive holiday. Or one could also use the service to send a copy of the family events taken on christmas to their parents residing overseas. As much as we have seen great initiatives like this from Nohana, very little of these have seeped through the walls into our society. Lately, Nohana is reported to have released another app, Nengajo, which aims to create a New Year’s card. This again, is the company’s way of drawing revenues through the service which requires purchases for their new year cards. The company seem to be adept at leveraging on festive seasons and such festive apps are very popular amongst the Japanese community. Stay updated with more of Japan’s mobile technology trends as they seem to have a knack for grooming startups that pushes boundaries of emerging technologies.

Baggage carousel art



Advertising can happen almost anywhere, anytime at any given moment. The formula is all about relevancy and originality. With these in check, you can almost be certain that your work would be well received. Here in Japan, the airports have decided to leverage on the time that travelers took while waiting for their baggages along the conveyor belts. They call this the baggage carousel art. This does provide some level of visual entertainment for the travelers.

As you can see, the time spent waiting for your baggage can get extremely boring and this daunting experience can be replace with interesting baggage art. Airports including Nagasaki, Okayama and Miyazaki Airport have begin their efforts by sending out cute statues of characters like Gegege no Kitaro or even animals like penguins and seals as a form of advertising for their local zoo. A great way to leverage on opportunity to advertise products and services. So it does prove that you can create your own media if you believe the sky is the limit.

The Penguin Bar

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Are you into Penguins? Apparently, the japanese people are big fans of penguins. There is a very interesting bar that features real live penguins. As spectacle of its core feature, the penguins became the drawing factor for the business. The Penguin no Iru Bar is well received amongst the community as it features four adorable penguins which resides in a glass enclosure at the back of the bar. It is a bar that provides its visitors with amusement as they come and chill in the bar while admiring at the penguins. As a matter of fact, couples were also seen holding wedding parties and dinners there with the hopes of getting some penguin ‘luck’ for penguins are said to be loyal to their spouses. Hmm, maybe I should give this bar a visit the next time I visit Japan.

Carry mobile food

Hamee-baconegg-iphonecase-620x383 Hamee-Negi-iPhonecase-620x383 Hamee-negi-iphonecase-inaction-620x383 Hamee-Sanma-iPhonecase-620x383 Hamee-unagi-iphonecase-620x383


I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw these. As we all know, the Japanese people are very highly creative and also extremely innovative. Sometimes they also do have weird tastes when it comes to design. Here are some of the mobile phone casings that I have never seen. They are basically Japanese cuisine smack right on to your phone and made to be carried around. Simple. Straight to the point. Very direct yet very intriguing. What do you think? Cool isn’t it?

Ashes to space


So, here is a rather cool concept: imagine when loved ones pass away, instead of burying them, we send their ashes to space. A recent startup is exactly doing just that. They are making the idea of letting the loved ones becoming that star in the galaxy into a reality. Elysium Space, is a San Francisco company which provide such space memorial services. It is launching it’s business in Japan. Previously, it was reported that they started off in US just months back. For as low as $1990, you can send the ashes of the deceased family member. With plans to having their own spacecraft, ex-NASA engineer as well as founder, CEO Thomas Civeit says it would definitely help them in their operations. As of now, they are currently working together with space transport companies like Space X and sending the ashes from a launch of their spacecraft in Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

There are many options for rocket launch sites but they are typically surrounded by off-limits areas. For our customers who are willing to watch the launch scene, I believe Florida is the best of them.

Disney World is located nearby, where you can visit with your family members after watching the launch. It may be possible to partner with travel agencies to arrange a tour having those destinations.