COBI smart bike

It’s amazing how so many interesting ideas are floating in KickStarter now. Some are really very innovative and seeks to improve our daily routines. Take “COBI” for example, its probably the only smart bike around that allows you to connect with your gadget to configure the bike. It currently has 100 intelligent features to play with. This bike gives us great automation especially when manoeuvring through difficult situations. Check out the video to see how the bike can work closely with the mobile phone for example. See the project here.

A case that bends


This article from digitaltrends leaves me wondering if Kickstarter is starting to get diluted with weird projects, almost like a dumping ground of ideas. But this idea, a flexible casing for the notorious case for bending iPhones is one that intrigued me. At least we now have a solution for it? This new parody attempts to rectify the problem by being a flexible yet protective case to your phone. Bendifone, an accessory that seeks to protect your iPhone is started by Amberlee Donahue of Marietta. I love how she describes the Bendifone will bend together with your iPhone almost seamlessly. Check out more of this article at digitatrends here.



I havent seen much stuff going on lately, which I would deem blog worthy. This is probably one of the less mundane ones out there. I actually think something like this is pretty playful. Get you a little out of your usual zone of things. Its actually a project off Kickstarter right now. The EYEteleporter allows you to view the world at a different angle. Something you wouldnt image. Though I wonder if it does causes one to feel nausea after a while. London-based Juste Kostikovaite created the EYEteleporter as a mask for viewing at different quirky angles. Seeing the world in odd perspectives using basic paper engineering. With simple effective materials like cardboard, mirros and some wood, they created this interesting piece through science. Be sure to check them out!

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To move with ease and freedom

Technology, innovation and creativity are potentially the main ingredients to the solution of our future. With these elements, we are able to provide better solutions for those who are less fortunate. As able people, we do not see the possible difficulties that people on wheelchairs would feel. Unfortunately, to travel around in New York City, it could prove to be a daunting task for wheel chair users. Wheel NY, a new Kickstarter project, aims to bring on a less time consuming experience and easier transport solution for wheel chair users by collating all accessibility information together from various sources.

It will help users to plan much easier and earlier in order to forecast possible obstacles that may come. With the maps section, one could not only plan, they can also check to see if there are broken lifts, damaged pathways or cracked sidewalks that would deem unfit for wheelchairs along the way. Now, with the ability to get real-time updates on these accessibility statuses, the disabled would now be able to open up to more places. It opens up many possibilities for the disabled. They can now feel more than just the joy of having a nice movie or a great meal, but also a taste of transport freedom. It is a dream come true.

The current Kickstarter project status requires $50,000 to fund the app and web development. Currently running $40,000 short with approximately two weeks more to go, it hopes to have more people contributing as the bulk of these funds would go to a team of 4-5 responsible to bring this idea to live from ideation to design and eventually the development and launch. Definitely a great app with the ability to make a change to the world. It also has one of the key characteristics of a well planned mobile app – Scalability. One of the key considerations was the adaptation of this app onto other cities, helping the rest of world’s disabled people to regain their mobility freedom.

What mobile can do for you is unimaginable



SONTE-Film-Dining-Room-Off SONTE-Film-Dining-Room-On

An innovative tech article on Mashable caught my attention today. We are witnessing the use of mobile phones to yet another level of our daily life routines. Kickstarter never fails to awe me with great innovative start ups all the time. North California startup SONTE has created an innovative way of using our traditional window covers. This time round, with the use of technology, you get a Wi-Fi enabled window film! The entire idea is let you switch between clear and opaque modes via a simple smartphone app. All just in your finger tips. SONTE is raising funds(currently at $200K) to expand their facilities, team as well as productions. SONTE now has films that provides UV protection which also has projector screen capabilities. How sweet a deal is that? These great films will definitely be of great use for interior designs for both residential and commercial housings. Apart from the influence mobile already has on our lives in social and web, I am starting to see that mobile as a fuel to our lives in the near future.