LEGO Kit Kat

Unfortunately, this post has been rendered invalid and kit kat claims no direct mutual partnership has been made official. Case rested.

These days the idea of cross selling becomes so integral, so easy and so natural. My favorite toy, Lego now has a Kit Kat edition. Building it around the idea of having a break from using Lego, it successfully integrates the fun element within the candy. And it allows people to build more than one single design.

‘Tasty’ Art posters

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Illustrator Mike Watt was commissioned by Kit Kat working on a series of limited edition posters made entirely from melted white Kit Kat chocolate. With all 50 bars of White chocolate Kit Kat melted, Watt did his magic. I love these posters. And honestly Kit Kat’s been doing fantastic work so far together with JWT Singapore. There have been notable print and digital works here in Asia as well. Not forgetting the brand places¬†extensive¬†emphasis on their Social Media engagement as well.