Mini Camper



I absolutely love the Volkswagen camper. I believed I have blogged about the final production days of this iconic camper van before. Failing to meet new safety regulatory measures, the production line for this beautiful camper had to come to an end. This would be the last batch from Volkswagen and would be released exclusively in Brazil. Also known as ‘Last Series Special Edition Kombi’, it definitely looks a lot better than its predecessors. All in all it has a long history of 63 years. There will be a total of 600 campers being produced. There are definitely a lot of the iconic features we will in this last batch which can be spotted from the older designs. There would be an upholstery vinyl with that touch of nostalgia. The Kombi is able to fit in up to nine people. It comes fitted in with white rims. Priced at US$35,600, it will be sold in Brazil exclusively.