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Last week as I accompanied my mom to one of the telco retailer flagship stores, I was appalled by the fact that Blackberry smartphones are still taking up a significant space with quite a big number of phone offerings. As compared to Samsung or Apple, the BlackBerry phone range is quite comprehensive and some are not actually that bad. However, the company has been in a state of financial crisis since its last burst of fire and it has been reported that Fairfax Financial, a Canadian holding company did a $4.7 bullion buyout on Blackberry. Even with a huge backing, the company is still looking to close more possible deals with potential companies like Google, being amongst one of the boys on it’s top tier list. The company is reportedly pursuing big companies like LG, Samsung, Intel and Cisco for their keen interest in the company. They hope to hear an interest from these companies as soon as next week. With BlackBerry’s failure in the mobile market lately, it has since declared its retreat from the mobile market and most or if not all of their products might be sold to potential buyers. With 4500 layoffs and a big cut in market profits, the management is under extreme pressure to sell off the company. It’s a pity that BlackBerry had to retreat considering they aren’t that bad afterall.

Scary window panel

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This might look pretty much staged but I had a short burst after watching it. Still, it would make up for a great idea someday somewhere. Check out LG’s recent work for pushing their TV technology. It is that REAL. Pretty hilarious!

Watch it Baby!


Oh..oh…hold it there Sir. Why is everyone riding the tech wave like rabbits hoping madly to a hole? Microsoft is reportedly having a new gadget. And this new development happen to be a watch. Again. Quite some time ago, LG also reportedly wanted their version of the Smart-Watch and now competing with them is Microsoft. While I would say Microsoft has done it before, their collaboration efforts with watch company Fossil to create the Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) was a watch that links up a user’s PC via a cable. And SPOT added functionality to a user’s daily activities by means of stocks, weather forecasts and other interesting updates.