Ugly babies

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There has been quite a bit of hype on the royal baby of¬†Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton.¬†Paddy Power, an online gambling company, took this opportunity to create a guerilla activation effort to boost their brand awareness as well as encouraging people to bet on the hair color of the royal baby. A rather amusing way of gambling yet very provocative. I am quite sure this is bound to spark controversy and fuel conversations. Very bold and daring approach to create the media tension. Now, imagine this, they had four grown men all decked to look like ugly-looking babies and having them parade all around town! They appeared in the London Tube as well as make appearances in the public. Not forgetting Buckingham Palace of course. If your idea has the potential to garner media attention, then it has definitely spread it’s worth your audiences as well.


London’s Underground Tube made of LEGO

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I am a LEGO fan and this Danish toy manufacturer has never fail to impress me. This time round, in order to celebrate the London Underground’s 150th anniversary, LEGO took on the task to produce the Tube maps out of their basic bricks. It was beautifully crafted and as usual, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. There are altogether five LEGO Tube maps which documents the Tube from 1927 till today. It also has the 2020 Tube map done up. Every cool execution and great use of their bricks. The map is made up of 1,000 LEGO bricks and is now on display at South Kensington, Green Parl, Picadilly, Stratford and Kings Cross Station.