I havent seen much stuff going on lately, which I would deem blog worthy. This is probably one of the less mundane ones out there. I actually think something like this is pretty playful. Get you a little out of your usual zone of things. Its actually a project off Kickstarter right now. The EYEteleporter allows you to view the world at a different angle. Something you wouldnt image. Though I wonder if it does causes one to feel nausea after a while. London-based Juste Kostikovaite created the EYEteleporter as a mask for viewing at different quirky angles. Seeing the world in odd perspectives using basic paper engineering. With simple effective materials like cardboard, mirros and some wood, they created this interesting piece through science. Be sure to check them out!

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Double decker TV

Truly these days when everything seemed so predictable and options so limited, we tend to adopt traditional risk adverse approaches when building brands. It is in such circumstances that the best option is indeed to create your every own media. Curb Media recently had London’s double-decker bus transformed into one gigantic mobile TV screen. With a whipping 36 meter screen, this is easily one of the most massive mobile TV screens ever. Interestingly, the bus was scheduled to rove around Covent Garden, embarking a 15-day tour in London. Best of all, there were both live and recorded event contents broadcasted. Together with really nice sound system by Curb Media, it turns out to be a fantastic experience. Outdoor activations when done right, yields tremendous results.

Pop art

Dining Recess, 1972 Close Cover Before Striking, 1962 Ice Cream 1, 1964 Leonardo sofa, 1969 Passiflora, lamp, 1968 Sella (No 200), 1957/1983


I have always been a great fan of america’s rich art history. Where pop art is concerned, many of us would naturally relate back to art icons and legends like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Here at Pop Art Design, at the Barbican Art Gallery, London EC2, on the 22th October onwards, there would be an exhibition which explores ways where we see the different ideas and works of pop artists. Check them out.

The MINI eye opener

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We all know that MINI not only provides an extremely compelling driving experience, it also drives astounding marketing campaigns every now and then. If you think you saw a rather zany looking MINI around the streets of London, you have most likely spotted the illuminating project from MINI. The car has been released from it’s cage to roam the streets of London. They called this project #MINIartbeat. The model, the MINI Countryman has been decorated with 48, 000 LEDs to give it a 360° vehicle coverage. What this vehicle does is that it literally allow it’s fans to stream videos directly onto the MINI itself! With all that display running around the facade of the vehicle on the streets of London can be quite a sight to behold! Not to mention, this has garner quite a bit of attention. To make this campaign even more successful, would be its innovative connection between offline and online. In this case, you could stream your own video on the MINI Art Beat straight from your Facebook app or on the MINI Space. You could even tweet your videos and hastagged #MINIartbeat. It is so cool! Then you cruise down the streets of London and also receive a custom clip as a takeaway. A brilliant campaign that integrates online and offline experience with direct marketing components. Truly amazing and engaging for the audience.

Putting up the brave front

As we all know, one of the top causes of death in the world right now is Cancer. It is extremely tormenting and scary. While it is fatal and dreadful, there are some who had survived. I think a good way to show support for cancer is to create more awareness for it. AMV BBDO launched an outdoor guerilla billboard featuring four cancer survivors – Anna, Parminder, Adam and Linda. These four brave souls used their bodies to blend with the background of the billboard. By painting their bodies with paint, they were able to blend with the sign behind them. Thus, allowing commuters at London’s Victoria Station to witness this brave act of expression in an effort to create awareness for the Cancer Research in UK. To fight against cancer, one does not simply depend on will power alone, it is imperative that there is both social and financial support. The headline, “Beat Cancer Sooner” reflects a lot on communicating the message across. I would say props to the four brave souls for shouting out to the public.
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Take my breath away

As the music industry evolved, the technology they adopted progresses just as much. We have seen how musicians make use of the Google street view technology to produce their videos. Recently, UK group Travis decides to do something just as unusual by tapping on projection technology together with video production. They make use of their freezing breath to animate their music videos under sub-zero temperatures. This effort was directed by Tom Wrigglesworth and Matt Robinson from London. As the temperature was really cold enough, it allowed the animations to be projected onto the member’s freezing breath. A really unique and special approach to producing great content for music videos. Light projections has been one of the prevalent media when it comes to events and exhibitions but it is slowly taking it’s place in other possible video productions as well.


Meet the Superhumans

Channel 4, the official broadcaster of the London Paralympics has launched a video by UK Advertising agency, 4Creative. I really love how they portray each and every athlete with such vigor and verve. Instead of poignant messages on impairing physiques, much of the script revolves around the amazing spirit and mental stamina of these ‘superhumans’. A great video well directed with power packed copy accompanied by fluid video effects and screen transitions. They given so much credits and recognition to the athletes by boldly communicating the message: “Meet the Superhumans” to the viewers. Very cool. Check out the video.

Chew chew chew!

Wieden + Kennedy London recently launch a quirky mobile game together with Stride Gum and came up with the game ‘Gumlon’. What’s interesting is how you actually manoveour the character in the game. You are require to chew. Yes, you have to chew and your mouth movements will be deteceted by your phone cameras. This will serve as a navigational and maneuvering tool for Ace, an alien whose goal is to escape from the monters as he travels through space. We have seen many mobile apps that detect eye movement but this app detects your mouth movement. Do you think it is an interesting idea?


Rando? Interesting…


Have you heard of the app, Rando? London-based app design studio ustwo has recently launched an experimental app that is rather interesting. This app eschews all creative and design conventions that you would actually find in most apps. Upon reading up more about ustwo, I develop a keen interest in the work they have produced so far. A rather edgy and unique agency with a good combination of creativity and a nonconformist attitude. Rando allows users to take a picture and have it sent across another part of the globe without knowing who you have actually sent to. Your only hint is that your picture has been mysteriously viewed by somebody in another part of the world! Here is a description of the app taken from their web:

“Rando is an experimental photo exchange platform. Give, receive and collect unique photos from random people from all over the world. A rando must be sent for one to be received. It’s about gifting rather than sharing. You will never know who received the rando, they will never know who sent it. You will know the location of where it landed, the receiver will know where in the world it was taken. Build your rando collection with unique cultural sights from around the world. We deliberately haven’t incorporated social features into the application. No likes, no comments, no direct communication.

Just Rando.”

I often had the opportunity to work with great brilliant junior creative teams who are hungry and aspires a lot to do really unique work. One of the few pointers to note when coming out with such ideas is to create controversy and debate among your audience. And through that, you would inevitably provoke and spark their debate. Amazingly, ustwo not only developed such an interesting ‘anti-social’ app, they also rolled a campaign that sparks controversy and creates topics among the community. And their creative message? A very provocative claim to the public: You have no friends and No one likes you. Check out the video below:

Well, I am all pumped up to download this app and start experimenting this quirky app!


I had a good laugh when I saw the ads by BBH London for the British soft drink brand, Tango. They are known as the ‘AAARGH’ ads. What you do see in all the 3 executions is the reaction of the person after gulping down the soft drink. Some times a simple yet exaggerating execution could result in a rather memorable ad. However, the results could be dicey if the creative work is not well managed. This tv spot is short and sweet with a highly impactful effect simply illustrated by those exaggerated expressions. This is great work produced without being encumbered by any stale traditional advertising formula. I like it.