North Korean art!

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Heres probably a reason why most of us won’t want to be living in North Korea. Try imaging yourself dressed in thick stuffy clothing going to a club or wearing extremely conservative swim wear from the 70s out in the public. These would have been a major turn off for most people these day. However, you do not need to imagine how it would be when we can can have artists from North Korea to illustrate this in their propaganda art. In order to visualize how modern China would look like in the a communist interpretation, two artists from Britain commissioned a North Korean group to paint it out. The result is a mixture of how the North Koreans see modern China and applying their structures in their artwork. It is rather interesting to see the art work from a different perspective. This is part of the series call The Beautiful Future which also happen to be finishing up a show in Beijing.

“We wanted to show contemporary China as it could have been, if it had continued with Maoist ideology.” – Artist Nick Boner

Goodbye, old sport



Havent seen such great creative quality for an ad for a long long while. Reverse advertising can be so impactful when you play your cards well. Have a read at the copy and you would come to realize that it is not only fantastic, it is brilliant in so many ways. The VW Van does create so many memories and now Volkswagen has decided to ‘unlaunch’ it by creating the last of their iconic bus. It will definitely be missed by many of us. Especially those who had great fond memories that were built on with the Volkswagen bus experience. Such a pity but I guess there is a time when even legends need to give it a rest. And the time has come.



iPhone 5c commercial

iPhone 5c for the colorful ones. What a way to position the iPhone. It doesn’t sound sexy nor has there been a revolution. Although the colorful phones does seem like a rather cool concept, there hasn’t been any real distinct differences ever since it’s predecessors, in terms of its aesthetics. Apple recently released it’s first commercial for the iPhone 5c and we see how the commercial simply portray the pouring of colorful paint and how it would twist and turn in twirls with the music. Come to think about it, it is kinda usual for Apple to not showcase their phone features in their commercial. Apple is moving and banging their efforts on the iPhone 5c and it is the only phone that is up for pre-order right now. Looking at the commercial, I am starting to rethink if I would take purchasing of the iPhone 5c as even an option. It is still nonetheless, a magnificent phone.