Check my new Skin

Have you been using Linkedin frequently? Then you must have realized they have yet to change their iconic look for nearly 2 years, 24months that is. They now have a major update which focused on improving the visual representation of the news feed/stream making it much sleeker, with bigger and more prominent images. And whats more, you can officially ‘Like’ posts from the stream directly. There is also more languages introduced in this update. Altogether up to 15 languages are selectable.

The gist of this update however is the introduction of mobile Ads into the app. I guess you can pretty much expect this coming since a source revenue is potentially coming from ads. While monetizing on your own products is not something that is all too awful, they did not compromise on the user experience. In fact we would expect to see LinkedIn updating its app to offer more features like search and also customization functions for users. Check out the video. Neat.

Talking ADs

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at PM 03.13.52

Software firm Naunce has announced their interest to create mobile ads that actually speaks and engages consumers. This is again another said example of great utilization of voice recognition technology. Currently, with the ubiquitous that mobile advertising hasn’t really worked well, this may well be a breakthrough. Essentially the user would need to tap on the voice icon and the running script behind the ad will start engaging the user. What most other advertising and media agencies who have expressed interest in this technology believes that engagement is important for short attention spanned users on the go because engagement is one of the possible means that could potentially lead to a sales pitch.

Digitas VP of mobile mentioned in a statement for his interest in this product, “Compelling user experiences are critical to mobile advertising—you have only a few seconds to capture the interest of a demographic that is always on the go, multitasking, and seeking instant gratification,” he said.

I see the potential of voice and how it will continue to make further progress complementing the innovative devices that is coming up.