Chew chew chew!

Wieden + Kennedy London recently launch a quirky mobile game together with Stride Gum and came up with the game ‘Gumlon’. What’s interesting is how you actually manoveour the character in the game. You are require to chew. Yes, you have to chew and your mouth movements will be deteceted by your phone cameras. This will serve as a navigational and maneuvering tool for Ace, an alien whose goal is to escape from the monters as he travels through space. We have seen many mobile apps that detect eye movement but this app detects your mouth movement. Do you think it is an interesting idea?


The power of Gamification


A recent study has indicated that the best way a mobile game player would find their game of choice is through word of mouth. What’s interesting is this process need not necessarily come from in-person discussion about the games. All the online talk and chatter about the game is enough to convert a potential gamer. It is extremely effective and convincing.

As you would know the famous app, Candy Crush is well played by so many gamers worldwide. You could even have started playing it after seeing someone played it on the train, your mom playing it on her phone or your close peers swapping those candies whenever they had some free time to spare. 36% of users reported that their major source of games was based on the hearing of their friend or family members. The other 25% of users said it was direct influence after witnessing a friend or family play a game.

This indicates the power of the process of showing someone how fun it is and the convincing factor through seeing how fun the game was. A lot of marketing campaigns have leveraged on the power of gamification to launch several interesting engagement activities and achieved great success. Do not underestimate the power of gamification and how it can generate the desired user interaction.