Is your eyes playing tricks on you?

There were the times when you saw something but you actually did not, and thought your imagination or eyes are playing tricks on you. Now, what if that is true and this liberal act of fooling people’s eyes is all in the name of fun and surprise? Orange mobile, has launch a series of interesting outdoors, bringing that surprise element to the public. All these surprises with the effort to convey the message that Orange delivers bespoke services for your mobile bills when you travel. Check out my favorite among the four, the art gallery one. Below, are the rest of the campaign. Nice effort by advertising agency, Publicis for Orange Mobile.



Boost your brand loyalty with mobile loyalty


As I mentioned before, it is vital to built great mobile experience. To complete that experience and boost a longer relationship with your existing customers, it is almost a must to take great steps in building mobile loyalty. Take this as an investment for potential future gains. Mobile has dramatically enhanced the loyalty experience for consumers and this is a FACT. It is critical that marketers learn to understand how leveraging on mobile could create incremental touch points as well as compelling value adding opportunities for loyal customers. 
Remember, the key to a purchasing decision depends a lot on your interaction and communication to your consumer. The more your customers engages with your brand, the higher the chance of acquiring purchases. So exactly how does mobile loyalty compel your customers to continuously engage with your brand?

Give them the opportunity to be part of a community – Sense of belonging
Humans are not solo animals. We love to be bonded together in a group to share, love and communicate. The basis of a loyalty program is to provide incentives for a community. You need to make sure you make it extremely easy and fun being with you. Hence, people will start pouring in and be your ‘friend’. Mobile loyalty is now made easier with the introduction of several innovative technology like QR codes, online coupons and social media. The key is to make it so much fun and enjoyable being with your brand. Remember, do not wait until the customer leaves the store as this generally lowers conversational opportunity. Deploy possible shopper marketing techniques and strategy to boost in store conversion opportunities as well.

Give them a reason to love you more and more
The formula here is “more and more”. How do you make someone love you more and more? The answer is to continuously add value to enrich their daily routines or make an impact every now and then. Examples of extra services that brands could provide that would help customers to reduce shopping woes would definitely score brownie points. Assuming you have a loyalty program going on and by keeping receipts customers could then redeem prizes. You would like to have a great online log in system where they could keep track of their data at the same time sending latest offers to them. You could even send them a “Welcome” or “Thank You” note upon their visit to your store as a friendly personal gesture. This shows that you take them seriously. Understanding your consumers’ shopping behaviors is absolutely important. You could even prompt them through sms asking if they would need help to carry large items to the carpark.

Give them a great in-store engagement
Customers in the store gives you the highest possible chance to acquire a potential purchase. Do not miss this chance to make a difference! Leverage on social media to give them more enticing deals which helps promote a better store experience. Run in store promotions that are prize friendly so every customer walks out a happy customer. Tendency of them posting on social media after leaving your store is also potentially high as they now have something to talk about or a picture to take based on the gift they received. Not neglecting the fact that observations could be made by profiling your customers and understanding their buying patterns to build intelligent consumer profiles.

Lastly, mobile loyalty builds your brand affinity and a longer relationship with your customers.

Being mobile friendly is Key to success



Loyalty360 published an article which spoke about the importance of being mobile ready as retail shopping experience now spans across a larger spectrum of media and platforms. One of them being the mobile landscape which has, over the last couple of years gotten quite prevalent for consumer shopping behaviors. According to Kentico’s Mobile Experience Survey, 85% of smartphone owners use their mobile to compare companies, products as well as the prices before deciding on a potential purchase.

And amongst this crowd of people, 45% will do so on the actual store location. It also reports that whether or not an online shopper actually makes a purchase depends a lot on the product or its price; with 78% being smartphone owners, 75% being tablet owners and 69% laptop owners. On top of that consumers also take into consideration a company’s mobile web experience and aesthetics.

Now, I believe many times agencies are handed a brief to help a brand create that important experience for their consumers. Truth is, many creatives neglect seeing the possible flops in the implementation of a ‘good’ idea. Looking on the bigger picture has always been the usual way of creating a seamless holistic experience. However, many times when you actually zoom in to see the smaller finer details of each possible channel and platform, you tend to see a lot more flaws. What I would describe is a great campaign with a big idea that looks like it works so well on the facade but in actual fact, there are many flaws if you narrow into each execution leading to the entire campaign. Mobile web experience is essential for brands to obtain the necessary flow of traffic and could be one potential factor affecting a possible sales purchase.

If mobile websites aren’t optimized or designed to be appealing and efficient, the tendency of losing a potential consumer’s repeat visit is almost 90%. The survey reveals compelling results that 76% of smartphone users and 78% of tablet users will revisit the websites that often look really cool and works really smooth on their mobile devices. Bear in mind, this also shows how much efforts a brand take into consideration to provide that experience and this is a plus point scored. The report indicates 44% of the users will never go back to a website which failed on delivering these aspects. And 52% said they will hardly ever return.

With the raising popularity in tablets and considering the bigger screen size, responsive websites could leverage on the platform’s technology for it’s benefit. After all, when given a choice, online shoppers would prefer a larger screen rather than a smaller screen. Obviously, the in store experience online would be less engaging than the physical store itself. However, if we could marry both experiences into one, we have created the ultimate shopping formula. What if we had provided the shopper with such a great online experience that would so much influence them to visit the physical store and have that experience carried forward when they arrive at the physical store itself? I believe a great experience is one that leads from one to another, continuously giving the consumer one adventure after another. Anticipation over participation.

Quote from loyalty360

“Our survey suggests that while shoppers like the convenience of shopping online via mobile devices, they still want as much of an in-store experience as possible,” Kentico CEO and Founder Petr Palas said in a release. “While it may be impossible for businesses to provide mobile shoppers with a 100% in-store experience, they need to make mobile shoppers feel as if they’re truly in their stores, touching their products, talking to sales reps, and being catered to. Otherwise, they will lose business to those sites that do.”


Print leads to Mobile


Wow. Believe it a not, at this age, it is not about how much work you can do on one channel of advertising. You NEED to understand that there is an abundant of resources out there that you could leverage on to achieve your marketing needs. If one channels leads to another, and you know for sure it does, I say GO AHEAD. Research firm, Forrester reports that more people actually downloads an app based on an ad they chanced upon on a newspaper or magazine as compared to seeing one on their own phone.

While the figures suggest directly that print medium is still of essence for influencing the decision of a user to download your app, it also means it is vital that in the initial process of brainstorming that you consider print as part of the integrated channels of advertising.

“Yes, the figure for mobile advertising is low,” says Forrester analyst Thomas Husson. “But bear in mind that the question people answered was: ‘Thinking about the apps that you have downloaded and now use on your mobile phone, how did you initially learn about those apps?’.

“It doesn’t mean mobile ad is not necessary or efficient. On the contrary, it is usually more efficient than using offline channels, since there is no gap in media use. It is just the early days for mobile advertising and more targeted and contextualised ads, as well as new formats, will foster the use of ads as a discovery mechanism.”

What’s shocking to me is mobile advertising was second to last out of 12 methods of app discover. So do not neglect any possible channel that might give you potential exposure to drive engagement for your consumers and brand.