Exercise 2014 Olympia!

When it comes to giving away something, there is always interesting ways to make it happen. Check out what is happening now in Russia now, a great way to purchase your tickets through exercising! A unique ticket machine has recently been installed at a machine in the Moscow subway station. It allows the people to purchase their tickets through exercise. It is as simple as that. I thought the idea would be even better if one could get something even more if they tag their friends along for group exercises. And to top it off, they could even have it on social media? Nonetheless, it is great effort done to promote the Olympics 2014.

Simpsons Russian Art

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I love the Simpsons. They are fantastic. Love the way they behave and the kind of crude jokes coming from the american society. Now we have all that fused into classic Russian art. Interestingly, it can turn out to be pretty amusing yet fascinating. Students from Moscow-based art school, British Higher School of Art and Design created a collection of art pieces resembling classic Russian artwork featuring characters from the Simpsons. I love how they use the art to create humor and get people noticing the idea behind the image a little more as they relate the cast and their personalities with the art itself.