Talking fries

I love crowded sourced content. The power of people cannot be underestimated. When curating popular content, one must anticipate spontaneous reaction from their fans. Take McDonald’s, Australia for example, their newly released social film was directed using script provided from over 3 million fans. They helped gave creative ideas, copy and direction for this movie. The film, “Loaded”, was created in slightly over two weeks with an episode being launched almost every 3 days in tandem to its gathering of ideas from their fan base. It helped mould the final movie which lasted almost 8 minutes. Not only is it humorous, its also very creative. Be sure to watched till the end credits! Well, its basically french fries doing most of the talking!

The lego trailer

Finally! The Lego movie is gonna come out on the big screen! YAY! Im a big fan of Lego and lately the long anticipated Lego movie has release their 2nd trailer. Check it out! And as the lyrics in the background says, ‘everything is awesome’, trust me, it is. Chris Pratt voices Emmet, the main cast in the movie. Emmet is the orange brick minifigure, also known as ‘The Special’ who is destined to save the world from impending doom. Im looking forward to great scripting which includes lots of puns and jokes. Not to mention that Batman is going to be one of the cast list! Awesome, check out the trailer now and the cast that would be voicing in the movie!

Featured voice over actors: Will FerrellChanning TatumLiam NeesonMorgan FreemanElizabeth Banks.

Terrifying bricks

This is actually pretty cool. Check out this ‘thriller’ that’s fully animated using LEGO bricks. Nice way to animate a scary scene. A new way of viewing movie using unconventional method. We do always need to concur with the conventional way of seeing motion visuals. An innovative approach can be as simple as using just basic subject matter around us.

Paper City

Wow, I am completely captivated by this beautiful animation. Director Maciek Janick has created this amazing animation which follows the gorgeous method of paper folding. We see from an ariel view the town as it unveils roads, buildings and mountains while a little car travels across it. Very smooth transitions can be seen as the Paper City grows to live. The music is also seemingly charming. Eventually the city fades off by crumbling slowly back to the ground. Very cute animation.

Direction, Animation, Scultping, Camera, Architecture:
Maciek Janicki ( / )

Music: Misophone ( / new album: )

Sound Design: Ithaca Audio ( )

The best Render Farm on the planet:

Dipshit*London ( )