Eat Naked.


So they did it. A restaurant that embraces the concept of delivering an exceptional dinning experience based upon the ‘back to nature’ approach of doing things. I can almost imagine myself dinning in the dark. It’s definitely not an extreme idea nor one that seemed over the top. But to dine in the nude is not something anyone can be comfortable with. Bunyadi, a 42-seater restaurant in London is offering its patrons that naked food experience. With such provocative dinning approach, it might seem apparent that only a handful of daring individuals would strip to their birthday suits immediately. Well, what do you know? That is so wrong. At the moment there are actually 46,000 people on its waiting list!! This is definitely an idea that requires some serious nerve and commitment to work. Come to think about it, would you have second thoughts if you are dinning with people who don’t necessarily look good in their birthday suits?




Strip me ‘naked’

One of the best ways to advertise a product is to show it’s product offering almost at an instant. Best of all, if you could do it “in-the-face”. Literally, The Fuzz Wax Bar team have proven that they got the “balls” to do so. They gave festivalgoers a surprise by sending a male talent all covered with wax-strips walking around asking on goers to tear it off him. Each of these wax-strips were also a coupon! Each strip had a witty yet cheeky copy accompanied by the company logo and details. Upon tearing off all the strips, it would leave the model completely hairless and naked! Interesting way of direct product engagement. Stunts like these provide fun and effective branding.