Musical Train

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Nothing beats giving joy to young children and seeing the grin from their faces is extremely rewarding. Brazil-based industrial designer Ricardo Seola has invented a rather interesting toy. Using wooden materials, he made a train set that allow children to create music as they play. Amazingly, the train would educate the young ones about music as they play. He named his creation ‘Sound Track’. It aims to help children get to learn more about music while they are developing their motor skills. Every time the train passes through the teeth of the train tracks, it would produce music. New York based Quirky will be developing, producing and marketing this interesting toy. It is due to launch at the end of the year. Come to think about it, this could also be an ideal direct mailer for a toy retailer isn’t it?

“A toy that allowed children to discover for themselves how music was actually made.”  Seola

Mobile art gallery

Trains are one of the interesting channels of communication that offers high brand exposure. Station to Station, a project which aims to curate a very dynamic digital gallery of design artworks on cargo train. They hope to feature collections of artworks from a list of artists as the train travels from one coast to another. The train shall travel from New York to San Francisco while at the same time stopping at ten locations along its journey. Visitors will be able to view the artworks by popular artists. A rather interesting way to feature art. While the train is traveling, it will be a kintetic light sculpture. Seven museums have teamed up to make this project possible. Quite an interesting way to showcase art.