Unlucky beauty

And they say broken mirrors were considered unlucky or bad omens. Today, what has always been a preconceived notion of being unlucky is seen as an art. Sometimes, I do wonder if artists enjoy teasing the general perception and belief of others to create strong statements. Check out these amazing photographs by New York photographer Bing Wright. Interestingly, the use of broken glasses creates this really nice cracked lines with intricate details. I believe this brilliant execution is further enhance by the imagery it encapsulates as well. Amazing.

Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-2-1 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-1-640x413 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-6 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-10-1 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-10 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-5 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-12 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-7 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-9 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-4 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-3 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-2