Google Cardboard


Carboard-thing cardboard-google-io


This must have really astounded attendees at the Google I/O keynote. Apparently Google gave the audiences a little exciting gift.  A really cool DM constructed from pure corrugated cardboard with some neat tech stuffs like lenses, magnets, some velcro and a rubber band. What it comes out to be is actually an Oculus Rift looking VR viewer that corresponds with Android smartphones. Im seeing how companies are making technology at such fast pace with lowered production, making technology for the masses. Regardless, this is an awesome initiative. After all, tech should be made available for everyone.


Living in LAG!

What does it feel to experience LAG? Especially if its lagging in real life activities. I think LAG has been the one disturbing element that has perennially affected most online users. This awesome experiment by UME.NET Broadband shows results of how one could possibly live with LAG. Well, everyone does experience it and really it is just how intense is the amount we get. Using an Oculus Rift cross mounted and alternated with a GoPro(almost the technology that everyone uses now to do really cool experiments :)), it gives the user that similar experience to actually move around in real with LAG. Check out these videos to see how bad it is. I actually like the way the experiment is done. Perhaps this could be another breakthrough for something cool to happen.