Finger licking good

Whats more powerful than a message that requires no copy at all? The reminiscent habit when one enjoys KFC is undoubtedly unique. Ogilvy & Mather, Johannesburg, recently did TV commercial for KFC featuring a story of a foreign student studying in thailand. The world knows no boundaries. Especially when you are at a place that serves food you had back home. This feeling of nostalgia generates warmth in the hearts of many. With a simple lick of the fingers, one immediately gets the message. The video ends with the girl having a hearty meal with great camaraderie in KFC. Of course, we see her licking in fingers.

PPssssttttt no more!

Recently, Ogilvy Singapore has been seen doing lots of good work by collaborating with their network agencies. This time round, another amazing creative work done by Ogilvy Singapore and Japan. Excellent way to depict the true value of Coke’s brand message. The creative formula that they adopted this time round is by changing the sound of opening a Coke bottle. As we all know that a ‘psssstttt’ sound is heard every now and then when we twist the cap of a Coke bottle open, now you hear sounds of everyday life like the sound of boxing, people shouting, people running, people skating, people laughing or even people traveling instead. It is very human oriented. Together with DJ Jun Fujiwara, this project was made possible, bringing the message of happiness wherever it goes. Nice.