Mom song

It cannot get any better than this. Old spice’s recent commercial puts traditional product driven commercials to shame. Simply genius. I like how they make moms go mad over how much their sons mature into sexy men upon their usage of the spray. We see boys turning to men, dating their girlfriends while their moms sit and cry in the background. What entails are scenes of mordant humor with sad pitiful moms in the background blending into funny and awkward positions. Extremely entertaining.

Wieden+Kennedy has once again created a series of really amazing commercials for deodorant brand, Old Spice. I wont be surprised to see humor and great amusement when I see their work. This time round, they had new faces from America’s NFL League as casts for their ads. With the idea and message of ‘Unnecessary Freshness’, they manage to pull off a series of rather odd and funny situations with the stars somewhat fantasizing themselves in. Really funny and zany.