Shoppable billboards

Shopping has become increasingly convenient. And that is extremely scary. While it is ubiquitous that online shopping is extremely convenient and easy, the next step of shopper marketing is ensuring it is less elusive to anyone at any given┬átime.┬áComptoir des Cotonniers, a retail chain in Paris is taking on the approach to completely revolutionise shopping by making it more than just plain convenience. They are taking it another step higher by leveraging on locations outdoor. This idea of using billboard to execute direct shopping is almost immediate and powerful. PowaTag, allows us to make purchases almost instantly with just our phone. Through these ‘shoppable’ billboards, we can use BlueTooth or QR codes to access straight to our wallets and make purchase. Items purchased can be delivered almost within 48 hours. Perfect.

Social Currency


Have you heard of Trinity Kitchen? Well, its an indoor street market that is located in Leeds. One of the interesting way of paying is through the use of ‘social currency’. Here Trinity Kitchen tap on that concept and approach their new promotion with a creative twist. Instead of paying for a rickshaw ride, people get to ride the rickshaw simply by tweeting to the pay system. In other words, you exchange your tweets for a ride. This potentially generated a lot of hype about the brand. It drove more topics that led to conversations online. Interestingly, the market’s unique offering comprises of five vendors who were chosen to offer their products at the indoor market. These vendors were picked by Richard Johnson, the creator of the British Street Food Awards. Exciting.