AirBnb Oslo Holmenkollen Ski design

Building extremely immersive brand experiences is the result of a combination between fusing the right physical and emotional elements. Take a look at Airbnb’s most recent work with interior professionals Melissa Hegge and Nina Holst, as they attempt to transform Oslo’s Holmenkollen Ski Jump to include a snazzy looking penthouse. The design direction takes inspiration from Nordic designs and incorporates a very exclusive rooftop terrace. The facade has a rather organic shape, leaving a very arresting impression under the light blue sky backdrop. With accommodations at a staggering 200 feet off ground, the layers of glass offers breathtaking view of the city. What a fantastic way to live! Check out these images of the beautiful interiors. Truly a work of art.

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DDB, awesome agency.

Obviously creative agencies would find the most innovative way to approach hiring of their own talents. After all, talents are assets which agencies are built upon. As our environment changes, the way we hire also evolves with time. With the introduction of online and digital media, there are many innovative ways to leverage on. DDB, Oslo picked Snapchat as the platform for them to recruit the cream of the corp. 10 seconds is all you need to pitch your idea across. So, make it work. If you do, you will get to fly over to Oslo for an interview. Winners to be announced on April 3rd.