Oreo in a different light


Have you checked out the new flavour from Oreo? Their newly launched ‘Filled Cupcake Oreo’ literally gave their classic cookie a change in their food design. This one has got that awesome chocolate filling together mixed with original creme, right smacked in the centre. A rather enticing blend of flavour. I think what is notable is the launch of this cookie was rather less mainstream than usual. They unveiled on 245 W. 18th St. in New York and expose this delicious cooke to the excited passers-bys. The current launch date is set to 8 February in the US. I wonder when will they come to Asia??


Coming close to comedy

“Ahahahahaha” was the word I had when I saw this ad. A peculiar way of advertising where the usage of irrelevant yet amusing medium comes to play. What we are seeing here is a promotion for a show and train ticket offering coming from travel agency, Voyages-sncf.com. Through TBWA\Paris, they launch this weird and engaging campaign. I really love the upskirt and bus stop ads. Check them out. 

Double decker TV

Truly these days when everything seemed so predictable and options so limited, we tend to adopt traditional risk adverse approaches when building brands. It is in such circumstances that the best option is indeed to create your every own media. Curb Media recently had London’s double-decker bus transformed into one gigantic mobile TV screen. With a whipping 36 meter screen, this is easily one of the most massive mobile TV screens ever. Interestingly, the bus was scheduled to rove around Covent Garden, embarking a 15-day tour in London. Best of all, there were both live and recorded event contents broadcasted. Together with really nice sound system by Curb Media, it turns out to be a fantastic experience. Outdoor activations when done right, yields tremendous results.

Spongebob Mailpants

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One day my kids will grew up writing to santa every christmas. To encourage kids to start this habit, Nickelodeon collaborated with United States Postal Service to create USPS mailboxes using their favorite cartoon icon(as well as me and my gf’s), Spongebob Squarepants! Oops, in this case, they named it Spongebob Mailpants! They revamped the usual mundane looking mail boxes with nice yellow decals and brighten up the boxes with Spongebob’s trademark smiling face! He even had his pants fitted on. It is interesting seeing how far adults would go to encourage little kids to write letters or send greeting cards. While technology remains vital to innovation and progress in modern society, little kids growing up in our evolving environment should not forget the joy of writing like how we used to before technology was invented. The campaign has since started in all 13 US cities.

Do nothing and get rewarded

No, life is not just about work or money. It can be just as thrilling and amazing at the same time. All you need to do is take a break, hold your breath, look around and admire everything that’s happening around you. Take away all that stress and woes about deadlines, bills and your loans. But if you really cannot do it, I’m sure a can of beer will help you out. Amstel Pause will make sure you succeed in doing so. All you really need to do is to take a short break and don’t do anything at all for 3 minutes in front of the machine and you shall be rewarded a free ice cold beer! Nothing beats doing nothing to get something isn’t it? Now, this is life without work and money. I have to admit, beer installations are starting to get pretty interesting these days.