Beneath my skin

I love what I just saw. A post from DesignTaxi shared some really fascinating pictures from artist Danny Quirk. He has created a series of very realistic yet dimensional visuals on the human body. This seemingly artistic yet erratic paintings is a nice composition of latex, acrylic and markers. The result is real physical demonstration of human anatomy coming to life! The models had these medical illustrations on their body to help bring in a closer realistic view of our body. Extremely mind blowing visuals!

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3D painting?

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Creatives tend to keep a keen eye on any available media that can potentially bring brands to life. Here Singaporean artist Keng Lye created new excitement in her artworks. “Alive Without Breath”, a project showcasing breathtaking artworks of three-dimensional sea creatures looking so realistic almost popping up in the face. These artworks are inspired by Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori. Furthermore, the technique is actually a potential media to pull off possible marketing campaigns. An interesting alternative to traditional advertising.

Digital spreadsheet art

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This post reminds me when I was a designer. Back in those days, I would slog in office the entire night with my face glued to the mac while I craft my visuals diligently, working towards the client’s deadline. Being a designer has never been an easy job. The idea of being helmed a master of art and one having the eye of an artist is not a simple task. Discerning as a photomaker, the photoshop software is a designer’s best friend. Today, we have Mr Tatsuo Horiuchi who have proven this wrong by using what most people would be surprised – the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software. He creates beautiful traditional Japanese paintings alike its original copies, natural landscapes that are so amazingly detailed. All so full of its cultural richness.

“I never used Excel at work but I saw other people making pretty graphs and thought, ‘I could probably draw with that. Graphics software is expensive but Excel comes pre-installed in most computers… And it has more functions and is easier to use than [Microsoft] Paint.”

The man has since went forward to champ a few more compeitions with the work he created. He has even won first at the Excel AutoShape Art Contest in 2006. Kudos. Check him out here.

Simpsons Russian Art

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I love the Simpsons. They are fantastic. Love the way they behave and the kind of crude jokes coming from the american society. Now we have all that fused into classic Russian art. Interestingly, it can turn out to be pretty amusing yet fascinating. Students from Moscow-based art school, British Higher School of Art and Design created a collection of art pieces resembling classic Russian artwork featuring characters from the Simpsons. I love how they use the art to create humor and get people noticing the idea behind the image a little more as they relate the cast and their personalities with the art itself.

North Korean art!

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Heres probably a reason why most of us won’t want to be living in North Korea. Try imaging yourself dressed in thick stuffy clothing going to a club or wearing extremely conservative swim wear from the 70s out in the public. These would have been a major turn off for most people these day. However, you do not need to imagine how it would be when we can can have artists from North Korea to illustrate this in their propaganda art. In order to visualize how modern China would look like in the a communist interpretation, two artists from Britain commissioned a North Korean group to paint it out. The result is a mixture of how the North Koreans see modern China and applying their structures in their artwork. It is rather interesting to see the art work from a different perspective. This is part of the series call The Beautiful Future which also happen to be finishing up a show in Beijing.

“We wanted to show contemporary China as it could have been, if it had continued with Maoist ideology.” – Artist Nick Boner

Timeless beauty

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Speaking of creepy, Russian artist Vadim Zaritsky developed a very unique way of painting his artworks. He creates beautiful artworks by using the wings of dead butterflies. SInce young, I have had a phobia for butterflies and this is clearly one form of art that is not for my liking. However, Zaritsky’s work shouts a lot of depth and details through his skillful placement of the wings. He managed to create 100 over butterfly paintings in five years and had mastered the technique to preserve the butterflies’ wings. This is definitely one of the weirdest way of painting I have yet to see.